Thursday, May 06, 2004

Today did not do much things except for searching jobs online. Kissy emailed me today's adverts in the Recruit Section.. Did apply for some jobs in the adverts.. Sepnt my time making copies of my certs, resume, testimonial...Tomoro kissy gonna bring me to some job agencies in Tanjong Pagar so tat I cud register myself with them and let them look out jobs for me.. Thanks kissy tat you really goes all the way to apply haf day leave just to accompany me...Really appreciate tat... I'll make sure tat I give u a treat once I secure a job...U're my bestest fren tat I ever had *hugz* (I really mean it u know..) As usual chatted in ewah2 with the gurlz.. They were busy discussing on wat to bring for tis Sat over @ my hse.. We have a mini gathering @ my hse tis Saturday actually...Just spend time lepak-ing around together...Anyway in the morning, Kak sun, Mal and myself will have the urut session...It's not the normal urut thingy but in fact more to the conceiving side..hehe.. Hopefully after the urut session, the 3 of us can really get pregnant..Insya Allah...

I met hubbie @ SPC after he knocked off..Before tat I went to NTUC to shop for some groceries tat need to be used for tis Sat cooking session.. Then we went over to my parent's house...Had puri + keema + bende & kacang panjang goreng for dinner...Yummie..I loiiiikee my mummy's keema & the veggie soo much.. My sis was out with her fren to buy their teacher's present while my bro just came back from his in-service thingy which supposed to be his off day today...After dinner, had a chit chat with my daddy @ the living room..

We went back quite early today as hubbie needs to study...Reached home @ 8.25pm...Now chatting with kissy while waiting for the Chinese Drama @ 9pm....I have to stop here for today..Will be back tomoro... Hopefully after going to the agencies tomoro, my chance of getting a job is much more higher... Insya Allah... Haf a great Friday tomoro.. Papai... Waving

Before I take my leave, wud like to dedicate tis song to you guys..Heard tis song over @ RIA just now for the Hit Classic..suddenly memories of de secondary skool days flashed back..hehehe..

Sepi Sekuntum Mawar Merah

Berulang kali kumencuba
Memujuk hati
Lupakan semua

Namun mimpi bertemu lagi
Di saat engkau
Tiada di sisi...

Ku berpegang pada janji
Tercipta ... antara kita dulu
Hilangmu tiada berganti
Biarlah ... begini

Ku belayar di lautan
Tidak bertepian
Sesekali disedarkan
Ombak yang mendatang
Aku seperti hilang
Punca arah dan ... tujuan

Aku puisikan namamu
Bersama rindu
Di dalam sendu ...

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