Friday, May 21, 2004


Hubbie is on MC today as his flu still bugging him...After making for him his morning bfast, I went out to follow my mum & sis to buy her watch @ Tampines Mall.. Met them @ Bedok MRT and off we went to Tampines..I was so confident tat there is a City Chain in Tampines Mall..Sekali pegi, dah tutup lerrrrr..aiseyy.. But luckily mum found her new watch opposite the old City Chain shop..Vincent Watch...She chose very fast one... She saw a nice rectangular Citizen watch and wanted it..She handed me dad's ATM card to pay...ya Dad gave his ATM card to mum and asked me to key in the pin to purchase the watch..Dad called me before I went to Tampines asking me to just use his card if I want to purchase anything..I told him tat I dunt need anything now as I just gotten the new hp... :)

After purchasing mum's watch, we off to Century Square Food Court where mum belanja me & sis Yong Tau Foo...Went back after eating.. I went back Bedok first as mum cooked bubur for my sick hubbie to tapau back home...After my bro had installed wateva stuff & s/w inside my new phone, I went back home..Mum kept asking when will I go home as poor hubbie will want to eat the porridge for his lunch...ok ok I will go home lah....

Back home, hubbie was watching Zoolander DVD when I reached home...Served hubbie his porridge before he can take his afternoon medication..Me too eat porridge for lunch...kissy called me to login to the chatroom...So off I went to sit in front of my PC and started chatting..heheh...

By 5.15pm, me & hubbie getting ready to go & meet kissy, Klopez & her Bamz...I can see hubbie was feeling okay at tat time as he had so much energy to tease the gurlz in the chatroom...Supposedly to meet kissy @ 5.40pm..But we are still at home at tat time..So re-schedule the meeting time to be @ 6pm...Reached Orchard @ around 6.10pm...Straight went to Paragon to wait for kissy...Then we headed to Lucky Plaza Lvl 6 foodcourt for our dinner...we ate first while waiting for Klopez & her Bamz to arrive...I ate Laksa with lotsa cockles while hubbie & kissy ate Chicken Cutlet..Klopez & Bamz came around 7pm.. She had Chicken Rice while Bamz had laksa...After finished eating, we proceed to walk slowly to Paragon Starbucks where we usually lepakz...sham came down...Ordered old time feveret, Thomas Kemper Rootbeer..hehehe....As usual, we will talk cock sing song there...hehehe...Actually we were discussing on the details for tis coming 29th May gathering...We gonna have gathering for those who joining us to KL tis August..We gonna be discussing on the details, iteniary & finalised the Hotel by 29th May..& not forgetting our newly wed couple, shny & her hubbie, Fan gonna come down and bring her wedding photos...yay!!!

Hmmmm..We are still thinking on where shud we gather them tat day...Need to find an enclose cafe as nowadays the weather is hot and we dunt want to sweat like hell upon discussing the KL details...Anyway the venue - TBA...Left Starbucks around 10.30pm as Bamz looked so tired and sleepy...& the rest of us getting restless...kekeke...I felt so sleepy too but I know once I'm back home, my eyes will be wide open after the nite bath...

True enuff, after reached home and have my nite bath, I was wide awake and now gonna surf around and chat with kissy.. Hmmm...tomoro can wake up late..yeshh!! Meantime, I can surf till the wee hours.... :P

Oh ya...I got a reply via post from MOE on my CSO application..Sad to say tat I was rejected... Well nvm, not my luck anyway..Tis afternoon, a guy from Raymond Low & Associate called me to come down for an interview tis coming Monday..Post: Business Development Executive..I can't remember whether I did apply for tis job but I guess I did not lah.. His name is Jeryl.. He said he has my resume with him..I can't really catch what he said on the job scope but nvm, I'll just give it a shot for the interview..Will asked for more infos on the job scopes etc...Monday, 2pm @ Anson Road...Wish me luck guys!! ;)

Okay..I'll stop here...Have a happy & enjoyable weekends guys! Bye bye!!!!!!!!!!

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