Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Today I woke up very early at 6am..After my subuh prayer, I prepared hubbie's bfast..Make for him telor dadar to be sandwiched with bread.. After packing nicely for him, I ironed hubbie clothes...Then woke him up... I then fold the 2 trips of washed clothings...Phew at last finished.. Cam extra rajin betul ah hari nie..hehehe

After hubbie went to werk, I tot of sleeping back but my eyes just cudn't shut.. So i on my PC and started sending mails...Login in to ewah2 to "punch card" first..hehe..Ate my bfast den login back to ewah2 to chat with the rest..

I managed to take 30 mins afternoon nap as I was real sleepy...I kept thinking on wat to cook today..When asked hubbie, he himself got no idea...At last I suggested ayam masak kicap...I used the nick ayamasakicap to chat just now..hehehe...

Hubbie went home around 6.45pm..Quite late as he has to finish up his reportings... So sweet of him to buy me a packet of Cadbury Centre filling cookies...and another chocolate cookies.. He said tis Cadbury cookies is soo nice so he wanted me to taste it..
Served him dinner while watching 7pm Chinese Drama.. After dinner, I quickly opened the cookies wrapping and tasted it...HmmmM...indeed it is really yummie... U guys shud try it..I can't stop eating it.. Now left with 5 pieces only..have to keep it for tomoro..hehe... Well I took the pix of tat Cadbury cookies..

Well now I'm waiting for the Spice Siblings @ Ch 8 to start and chatting with kissy at the same time.. hmm..tomoro no trip to Bedok as hubbie wanted to study for his MCSA exam tis Fri..He'll re-taking the exam..Hopefully he will pass tis time..Dunt wanna see his disappointed face again..Nvm dear, I know u can do it tis time..!! Will go to Bedok tis Sunday..have told my parents abt tis..Mum will cook Mee Soto I tink tis Sunday..yummiee..

Alrite...I'm gonna end my entry here...Will come back again tomoro...Take care guys and yeshh 2 more days to endure and enjoy the last bit of weekdays to go... Tata...

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