Sunday, May 23, 2004

Cooling Effect...

Today woke up a bit late cos me & hubbie went to JB yesterday nite with Klopez, Nahar & Nizam dE Badutz...Met them @ 10.50pm den off we went to Anjung Warisan to have our nite supper...The place is cool... Most people called it Tempat makan atas pokok..Indeed, it is..We sat at the upper level where we were surrounded by trees.. Bersila kita semua...Powerr!! hehe...Ordered quite a few dishes and th ebest is their OTAK-OTAK...Power beb!! Tak leh angkatz!!! Anyway I forgot to bring my camera with me but let's wait for Klopez to upload the pics taken there..

Today did nuthing much at home...Went out to meet Klopez & Nahar at 3.45pm @ Ah Boy's shop...Hubbie bought his bike's brake & air horn and off we went to Ah boy workshop @ Kallang...Mak aii..tunggu peh lama...panas plak tuh... Me & Klopez were fanning ourselves...Was soo hot...We called LeNNy & kissy to meet us in Plaza Sing (nak aircon nyer pasal) at 5.45pm...By the time the mechanic finished fixing the parts, it was already 6pm..Rushed to Plaza Sing to meet LeNNy, Rahmat & kissy..

As we were damn hungry, we went straight to KFC to have our late lunch (in fact it was dinner time oredi..hehehe)...Each of us ordered 2 pcs Extra Tasty Chicken meal.. After our lunch cum dinner, we went jalan2...Kasi makanan turun..ekekek... I bought My Girl VCD @ Carefour...Then we went to Starbux to have our drinks there..Weather is so hot so we need more fluid in our bodies...ehehehe.. Sat there and started chit chatting & full of jokes & teasing around...

We went off from PS at 10.10pm...First thing first when I reached home, I on the aircon full blast..hehe..Panas beb!! Then off I went to have my shower & now in front of my PC uploading the pics and surfing thru other websites..

I need to sleep early today cos I'm feeling quite tired...HmMm..tomoro I'm gonna attend one interview @ 2pm over at former IBM Towers...We'll see how it goes....Hopefully it's a job tat I really wanted...Jgn plak mengarutz nyer job scope..

Kay eyes cannot carry anymore ngantuk oredy...Have a good brand new week ahead of you guys!! Happy werking & take care!! Byee!!! Ehh wait...come let's see today's peektures

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