Friday, May 28, 2004

Healthy Lifesyle!!

Phew!! Just came back from Tampines Swimming Complex..Hubbie & I had our swim there.. SwimmingToday seems our healthy lifestyle day..hehe..In fact we actually proposed to have games of badminton but the court @ Tampines Sports Complex was fully book according to LeNNy.. So instead we went for a swim but too bad Klopez, Nahar, LeNNy & Rahmat cudn't joined us.. Nvm, we shall go swimming together2 at the New Wild Wild Wet at the Downtown East there.. Brows

We tot of going to Hospital to visit hubbie's aunt but since most of them had went back, we decided to pay a visit tomoro noon before we meet the rest of ewah2 gang...

We then went to Al Ameen for our dinner..I had Mee Hoon Tom Yam & hubbie had Kway Teow Pattaya..Both of us had blueberry drink!! Later we shared 1 cheese prata.. Goofy

Reached home @ 8.30pm..Keep reminding hubbie tat I wanna reached home fast cos I wanted to see Marah-Marah Sayang @ 9pm..

Now I feeling quite tired but still can maintain..ehehe..I'm chatting with kissy @ the moment while waiting the clock to strike 9pm..

Kay lah I wanna stop here..Wanna get my 100 plus drink plus some snacks to get ready in front of the TV screen...Have a great weekend guys!! Take care...!!!!

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