Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Back to the Past!!

Hmmmm...today was a sleepy day for me..Feeling too lazy to do anything except for sitting down in front of my PC chatting, surfing, blogging, forumming.. See..lazy bum rite???? hehee..Well today again I dunt have to cook cos my dearest MIL gave me 2 dishes - Asam pedas & Ayam Masak Kicap..Niceee!! Initially I wanted to cook Kway Teow Goreng Kicap as hubbie wanted to eat tat for dinner but have to postpone it till tomoro..

Oh ya the Sakurapz Gurlz gonna have lunch together-gether tomoro at our usual place, Sakura Rest..But I have yet to ask hubbie for permission to go...We'll see...

Finally me & kissy had finalised the venue for tis Saturday gathering..Purpose of gathering - to discuss on our August KL trip..Our initial plan is to have gathering @ Coffee Bean Airport but after some totz, we decided to make in centralised so as to make things convenience for all of us..Final Verdict: Have our lunch @ Rex Prinsep Street & discussion over at Coffee Club @ Hotel Rendezvous..DECISION FINAL!! NO MORE CHANGING!!

Watched the 7pm & 9pm Ch 8 Chinese Drama...Den followed by Anugerah @ Suria Was laffing away with hubbie like mad...The audition really tickled us off.. Some of the contestants were sooo farnee...They just cudn't sing well.. Their choice of songs did not blend well with their voices and tat make a horrible output..hehe..OOoopss...Sorry if offended anybody...but betul pee!! hehee.. I admit tat I aint' any better...hehehe..Suara ku dah cam katak bentong..ekekeke

Ohh ya..today's Incredible Tale is quite errie and creepy..I kept calling hubbie to accompany me to see the IT but dia buat dek jer..hehe..He's busy with dunno wat in the study room..ehehe..As much as i dunt want to see, I still cudn't get my eyes off the tv screen..hehee... Tot of catching the Melodi after the IT but I tink better not cos I need to sit in front of my PC and catched kissy online in MSN..hehe...

Yay! Tomoro is midweek oredy...2 more days to weekends..so stay strong guys till Friday.. Wakka Wakka

Oh ya I bought old time feveret crackers from the Mamak Shop opp blk.. I saw Kaka too but was contemplating whether to buy it...At last just bought Kropok Ubi..

When I saw those crackers, it brought me back to the primary skool time where I used to buy it after coming back from skool..How time really flies!! *sigh* If only I cud rewind back, I wud lurve to go back to the past...Anyway life has to go on as it is now.. Suddenly feel so old oredy..Tis year gonna turn 28 oredy....Do I feel tat I'm late 20s?? Hmmm.. Even sometimes I just have tis feeling tat WHAT?? I'M MARRIED?? Eventho's it's oredy 1yr 5 mths..hehe..crazy rite..anyway I lurve my marriage life now & my dearest hubbie..Circle Of Hearts wah why suddenly I feel so lovey dovey... In Love helep! helep! Gue jiwangz plak... aisey bedah!! aik bedah?? why I call my own name?? hahaha...Aku dah siowwww!!!!!!!!!

Kay lah better signed off now else I get so giler and wrote a mengarutz entry..hehe..
Kay peepz..Enjoy yur midweek and have fun!! Waving

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