Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hari Raya & New Year 2007!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslim bloggers & frens and Happy New Year to all bloggers, fren and families..

We are only left with 1 day before Year 2007 come! I tot that I just celebrated Year 2006 but now it's gonna come to an end soon!! Year 2006 has been a good year for me tho's there's some ups and down..

  • The year where we lost our loved ones...
  • The year where I've made many new friends be it bloggers or outside friends..
  • The year where I switched 3 jobs..Hopefully this current job will last.. Insya Allah..
  • The year where my darling princess turned 1 year..
  • The year where we had lotsa fun with our beloved families..
  • The year where there's family's feud goes on (and still ON!)
  • .....and lots more...
Hopefully Year 2007 will be a great year for all of us...Semoga dimurahkan rezeki kita, diberikan kesihatan yg baik dan semoga amalan2 kita diberkati Allah.. Amin...

Some Year 2007 resolutions:
  • DIET! *check my 2007 dictionary* It's a must! Need to control my food intake! *ni kes sama resolution dgn geng MMVD* :p
  • Be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, blah..blah..blah...
  • Save more $$...
  • Project B perhaps.. ;) *kalau diizinkan Allah*
  • ....and the list goes on...

Anyway, I was super busy for the past week...What else with my task at work..But overall, I'm enjoying it.. I love my new job..All my koligs are great people! They rawkz!! Yesterday we had our Year End Party..I enjoyed myself very much...Around 9.20pm hubbie & Icah fetched me..Went to Bedok to pick up my parents and sis..Then off to Popeye at T1.. Had supper.. I ate a bit cos I was so full eating the free dinner! We just jalan2 in the airport and went back only at 12.15am...

Today, my mood was super rajin and I baked Chocolate M&M cookies..Cheh! Semangat raya konon! hiak hiak hiak... Bukan selalu rajin youuuu! hehe...Tot of doing baking some cakes for tahlil but unfortunately the tahlil was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances... So around 5pm, we went over to MIL's hse...SIL had finished cooking Rendang Ayam, Sambal Goreng Pengantin & Sambal Satay...We had late lunch... Then after maghrib, the 3 of us went Parkway.. Bought some clothes den off we went back as hubbie wanted to watch soccer...

Tomoro gonna go over MIL's place and in the afternoon to Uncle Mat's place...We're be having BBQ at his place...Something new in my dad's family for this Hari Raya Haji...

Shall stop here for now...Adios!!

p/s: Help! I'm addicted Ungu's song - Andai Ku Tahu! Can't stop listening to that!!! Simply Sedap!

New pix in multiply!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

What a weekend...

So fast today is already Sunday...Lucky tomoro is a public holiday..else have to go to work... My weekend was so so...Yesterday, I was down with a bad diarhea.. Was awake at 3am due to the urge to go to the toilet..I tot a normal urge but when it came twice, thrice and eventually 7 times plus vommitting, I knew that it was something bad! I was crying in pain! My abdomen was in pain. A sharp pain poking my tummy...I rather have a hugh fever than this diarhea... So at 8.30am yesterday, hubbie brought me to the doctor.. I was so weak and at the same time in pain... Luckily I was 2nd in Queue.. Doctor examined me and found out I had a fever at 38.2 degrees...And was asked what did I had last nite. I remembered that I drank green apple juice from NZ Natural..The juice was super masam..No sugar added as it supposed to be Natural.. Took a wrong choice..Shud take the watermelon juice instead... and plus the ice cream and Nasi Lemak at MIL's and that made my tummy reallu upset! I was prescribed with lotsa medicine..
So the whole day of yesterday was spent at home.. I slept thru the whole day as I din slept a wink the whole nite till 12pm...

This morning was better.. I dunt feel much pain but once in awhile my tummy signal does signal a bit of pain..Or I shud call it wind? ermmm... But Alhamdulillah it was way better than yesterday.. Dad called to inform that mum cooked Nasi Dhal, Dalca, Ayam Tomato & Black Pepper Prawn.. sedap yet I'm sooo afraid of eating that! Nevertheless, we went over to Bedok house at 12 plus...near to lunch time.. I just ate rice and Fried chicken with a bit of dalca.. Took a few prawns only...I was hoping that I won't visit to the toilet... We stayed there for almost 3 hr before we went back..

We then met Kak Nana, Abg Daud and Aqilah at MIL's carpark... They just came back from jemputan and wanted to go to Hello Shop to buy Aqilah a new phone.. So we waited for them to get changed and went off to Parkway.. Went Hello Shop and Aqilah got herself N6233 while Abg Daud upgraded his line and took N6080.. Went jalan for awhile and went to GIANT before we went back home... Went up at MIL's place when suddenly received a call from my sis and was told that Ayah Tu passed away...I was quite shocked but as told by the doctor that there isn't any hope for him. But I guess it was too sudden for another loss in my mum's family.. Last year we lost our great-granny and our granny within a week apart...Early this year we lost our grandpa and now my mum's bro-in-law which is our uncle... We just visited him last 2 weeks at TTSH and now he's gone.. I really pity my Aunty's family....Hope they will stay strong and accept the lost of their beloved husband/father... Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Allahyarham Haji Saptoe dan moga2 beliau ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman.. Insya Allah...

Will be going to Mak Opat's hse early in the morning for the pengkebumian...I guess have to turn in early...Will update again when time permit... For now, have a great holiday...

Monday, December 18, 2006

New task, new environment..

Phew! I managed to pull thru the day with a wide smile..Alhamdulillah my new job really gives me satisfaction that I'm looking for.. The environment and the people are really warm and friendly... I felt so welcome just now... I like my new task anyway... Now I can rest my mind at ease as I have found a job that really suits me... I hope that I will stay put in this company for as long as I can... Insya Allah...

Okay, now I'm gonna wash myself up and relax... Will update when time permits... Have a great week ahead guys.. :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We turn FOUR!

We finally reached the 4th year mark in our marriage.. On this very date, 4 years back, I became a wife to my dearest hubbie...Once the akad nikah was said by hubbie, I was filled with joy & happiness.. No words can describe how I was feeling at that moment.. When I kissed his hand, that moment of time I knew that the responsibility of a wife is not easy but Alhamdulillah till now I am still carrying out my duty as a wife without feeling any burden at all...What's more with our dear Alisha Ameera around, she really completes our life!

To hubbie,

...thank you for accepting who I am.
...thank you for hearing my thoughts & understand my problems.
...thank you for those moments where you have to comfort me when I was down. you have to bear with my temper, my flaws and all the negative sides of me. words can ever describe how much love you gave and keep giving to me & to our princess.

I really appreciate all those things that you have done to me... Syukur Alhamdulillah that our love are still strong and will always be strong as long as we're together... May Allah protect our marriage always! Amin...

Happy 4th year Anniversary dear!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

They're back!!

This morning both me & Icah went to the airport to fetch my parents and sis back from their India trip. As hubbie has to work, I took a cab down... They were supposed to come back yesterday morning but the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.. Bro took urgent leave and he too went to the airport. Too bad no licence else I drove our car down to the airport! hehe...

Before we went back to Bedok home, we had our bfast at the canteen.. Ate Nasi Jenganan and we tapau thosai back home.. Reached Bedok home around 10am...

We all then sat in the living room while they un-packed their luggages and took out the ole-ole dari India and at the same time shared their stories while they were there! Me & bro were so jeles when they described the places there and what's more when we saw the pictures taken there.. Gosh! We have yet have a chance to touch the real snow but they had theirs!! Soooo syiok seyy! Like mum said mebbe one day we shud all go there as a family...*tgk poket...aik ada doposen je ah* :P

My Lil Icah was enjoying herself by sitting on top of the luggages and helped to "un-packed" the things!!

Dad was suggesting to have dinner together as they missed SG food.. Dad wanted to eat noodles!! hehe.. Cos over there they are sick of Naan, tandoori chicken, chapati & briyani! haha.. I guess they wont be touching any of them for 1 mth??? ekekekeke

So after maghrib, we went to Segar Rest at Bedok Central.. Hubbie met us there... Had a feast there...*dah syiok makan sampai lupa amik gambar ah*

Then off we went back home... :)

ole-ole India Mari

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The start of weekend! weeeeee!

Just finished having our breakfast.... I just cooked pasta ala melayu...hihihi ...

Now chatting with Nollie & Rosie in MSN while my Lil Kenit busy "kemas" with whatever things she can get.. Gasak lah nak, buat lah apa ko suka!!

Okay, finally yesterday was my last day in the company... No sadness but happy instead!! weeee!! Now I'm so looking forward for my new job the following week.. But I have this coming week to rest!! Weeeeeeee!! Can spent time with my Lil Kenit!!

Anyway yesterday nite we had dinner at KFC Kallang... We lurve to go there cos the drinks are free flowing! And the place is big. After dinner hubbie drove aimlessly to nowhere. Not till when I called Nollie and found out that she was with Rosie, Maslia & family at Secret Recipe.. They asked us to come down so hubbie drove to Suntec and met them there around 9pm.. Ordered my faveret Chocolate Indulgence cake & Esprit drink (Passion Fruit).. *forgot to take the pic lah* ... We left Secret Recipe close to 10pm..

Oh ya, I was surprised with a birthday present from them.. The bag that I wanted to buy and Nollie had told them abt it! hehe.. Thank you so much frens!! :)

Later, we're going out but not sure where but definitely will be going out! hehe.. Tomoro morning we gonna fetch my parents and sis.. They will be back from their India Trip... So fast sey!!!

Shall stop here for now..Need to layan si kenit!! Enjoy yur weekend guys!! :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dinner @ Seoul Garden

A simple birthday dinner treat by hubby at Seoul Garden for my 30ish bday.. I requested to go Seoul Garden cos it's been ages since we went there.. Seoul Garden also reminds me of my first craving when I was pregnant with Alisha.. Takde hegeh2, hubbie trus bawak pi makan masa tu! hehehe..*ni lah untungnya kalau ngandung* ;)

Anyway after work just now, we went back home and get freshen up. After our maghrib prayers, we left the house and went to MIL's to pick Icah.. Bid goodbye to both PILs as they will be going back kampung tomoro with BIL's family.. Will only be back on Sunday.. So Icah will be under hubbie's care for Thurs & Fri...

So we went to Tampines Mall's Seoul Garden to have our dinner.. Surprisingly we met Maslia & family there! Ingatkan bday girl yg ngidam nak makan situ, rupanya awak pon tak sempat2 dah pegi siang2! hahaha.. Now Seoul Garden has a spread of food!! Better than before!!

I was surprised with a Bday Cake by Maslia!! Terharu sungguh daku, wahai Cik Maslia ku!! Tenkiu many2 for the Dark Chocolate Truffle cake hor!! I lioke!!! hehe..Sempat kita berposing ye! :)

Maslia & family went off first... We only left Seoul Garden at around 9.20pm... By the time we wanted to "spend money", most of the shops were closed.. We only went to Kiddy Palace to shop for Icah's bottle teats & Strawberry Shortcake straw cuppie.. Anyway I've yet to choose my present.. Dunt know what to get hubbie to buy! hehe.. Nehmind..let me tink!! ;)

After we went out of Tampines Mall, hubbie drove to Orchard Road to see Christmas lightings.. Nice view... Off to ECP and proceed back home...

Tomoro I'm taking a day leave.. So very the malas wanna go work lah.. Anyway Friday is my last day.. Yippieee!!! I got a whole of next week to spend my time with Icah before I start my new job on the 18th Dec... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Hokay, gotta stop here!! Mata udah kelat!! Come view the pics here!!

p/s: Thank you frens/family for your lovely wishes that came by sms, e-cards, emails, msn, multiply, friendster & blogspot.. I really appreciate it so much!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Three - ZerO..

In less than 2 hrs I'm turning BIG 30...I'm definitely gonna miss the TWOish.. haizz...dah tuek, apa nak buat!! Eh tapi tak lah tua sgt kan kan?! :p Young at heart mah!!! hiak hiak hiak..

Hopefully being 30 I will be more tactful handling things around me..I also hope to be a better wife & momma to my 2 darlings..

My only wish now is that I can leave my current workplace by this Friday!! Oh ya, I've finally tendered my resignation! Got a new job and all thanks to one of my dear fren (you know who you are *wink*) for recommending me.. Hopefully with a brand new THREE ZERO, I will get to start afresh & wish that everything will be smooth for me in the coming new company.. Insya Allah...

For now, I shall set my mind at ease and enjoy my bday nite tomoro with my beloved hubbie & princess....