Monday, December 11, 2006

They're back!!

This morning both me & Icah went to the airport to fetch my parents and sis back from their India trip. As hubbie has to work, I took a cab down... They were supposed to come back yesterday morning but the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.. Bro took urgent leave and he too went to the airport. Too bad no licence else I drove our car down to the airport! hehe...

Before we went back to Bedok home, we had our bfast at the canteen.. Ate Nasi Jenganan and we tapau thosai back home.. Reached Bedok home around 10am...

We all then sat in the living room while they un-packed their luggages and took out the ole-ole dari India and at the same time shared their stories while they were there! Me & bro were so jeles when they described the places there and what's more when we saw the pictures taken there.. Gosh! We have yet have a chance to touch the real snow but they had theirs!! Soooo syiok seyy! Like mum said mebbe one day we shud all go there as a family...*tgk poket...aik ada doposen je ah* :P

My Lil Icah was enjoying herself by sitting on top of the luggages and helped to "un-packed" the things!!

Dad was suggesting to have dinner together as they missed SG food.. Dad wanted to eat noodles!! hehe.. Cos over there they are sick of Naan, tandoori chicken, chapati & briyani! haha.. I guess they wont be touching any of them for 1 mth??? ekekekeke

So after maghrib, we went to Segar Rest at Bedok Central.. Hubbie met us there... Had a feast there...*dah syiok makan sampai lupa amik gambar ah*

Then off we went back home... :)

ole-ole India Mari

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