Saturday, December 09, 2006

The start of weekend! weeeeee!

Just finished having our breakfast.... I just cooked pasta ala melayu...hihihi ...

Now chatting with Nollie & Rosie in MSN while my Lil Kenit busy "kemas" with whatever things she can get.. Gasak lah nak, buat lah apa ko suka!!

Okay, finally yesterday was my last day in the company... No sadness but happy instead!! weeee!! Now I'm so looking forward for my new job the following week.. But I have this coming week to rest!! Weeeeeeee!! Can spent time with my Lil Kenit!!

Anyway yesterday nite we had dinner at KFC Kallang... We lurve to go there cos the drinks are free flowing! And the place is big. After dinner hubbie drove aimlessly to nowhere. Not till when I called Nollie and found out that she was with Rosie, Maslia & family at Secret Recipe.. They asked us to come down so hubbie drove to Suntec and met them there around 9pm.. Ordered my faveret Chocolate Indulgence cake & Esprit drink (Passion Fruit).. *forgot to take the pic lah* ... We left Secret Recipe close to 10pm..

Oh ya, I was surprised with a birthday present from them.. The bag that I wanted to buy and Nollie had told them abt it! hehe.. Thank you so much frens!! :)

Later, we're going out but not sure where but definitely will be going out! hehe.. Tomoro morning we gonna fetch my parents and sis.. They will be back from their India Trip... So fast sey!!!

Shall stop here for now..Need to layan si kenit!! Enjoy yur weekend guys!! :)

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