Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Three - ZerO..

In less than 2 hrs I'm turning BIG 30...I'm definitely gonna miss the TWOish.. haizz...dah tuek, apa nak buat!! Eh tapi tak lah tua sgt kan kan?! :p Young at heart mah!!! hiak hiak hiak..

Hopefully being 30 I will be more tactful handling things around me..I also hope to be a better wife & momma to my 2 darlings..

My only wish now is that I can leave my current workplace by this Friday!! Oh ya, I've finally tendered my resignation! Got a new job and all thanks to one of my dear fren (you know who you are *wink*) for recommending me.. Hopefully with a brand new THREE ZERO, I will get to start afresh & wish that everything will be smooth for me in the coming new company.. Insya Allah...

For now, I shall set my mind at ease and enjoy my bday nite tomoro with my beloved hubbie & princess....

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