Monday, July 12, 2010

SPAIN I must say!!

Hokay, we all know that SPAIN won the World Cup for 2010. Both hubbie and me were rooting for them eversince the World Cup started. I dunno why I rooted for them but when I saw how they played, it really amazed me. I was even crazy for SPAIN compared to hubbie. I even changed my iPhone cover to SPAIN's .. The eve of the final match, I got hubbie to go to Queensway Shopping Centre just to buy the ladies' SPAIN jersey.. See how crazy I was?! But the effort seemed not wasted as SPAIN really won!! Wooohooo!

Here I am in the office wearing SPAIN jersey.. Mr CEO have the staff who supported the Winning Team morning off. So I got to come to office after lunch! Cool aye! Thanks Mr CEO!! :)

Time to knock off!! Adious!

La Viva Espana ......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making a Comeback

*blow dust to my blog*

Wow! My last entry was on last Christmas... I was near to 8 months pregnant then... It has been 6 months since.. I have safely delivered my 2nd child on 10 Feb 2010.. Now my healthy son, Aiman Affan, is already in his 4th months.. How time really flies.. I'm already back to work and my 16 weeks of maternity ended super fast... How I remembered that I'm so looking forward to my maternity leave in January this year and now I'm already back in the office... *sob*sob*

Ok let me enlighten you people on the progress of my 4 months old Lil Boy.. He now loves attention from all of us.. Loves to baby talk and gets hungry real fast.. and boyy!! The last time his weight was around 7.7kgs... I wonder what his weight now.. Maybe more than 8 kgs.. tsk tsk tsk.. Anyway he will be having his 3rd dose of Hep B vaccination this Saturday and we are eager to know his weight too! :p .. Apart from that, he is a happy baby and loves to smile at anyone around him..

My Lil Girl now has turned 5 years old last February.. How fast she has grown.. She is now a big sister to her brother. She has been so protective over her lil brother.. She loves her lil brother so much. She kept saying to me that she loves having her brother around.. Awww.. that's sweet of her... Despite being lazy at times, she does help us taking care of her lil brother and takes instructions from us... We are happy on her school progress too. The last parents-teacher's session we had before the term break, we were told that Alisha is very proactive and loves to answer every questions asked by her teachers. She knows her stuff well.. Alhamdulillah... She loves art and we can see her drawings and colouring have improve tremendously. Kudos Alisha!!

Job wise, my role has totally changed.. I'm no longer taking up my previous job scope but now I'm into a bigger role and responsibilities.. Alhamdulillah, I get to practice what I've learnt in my HR Dip... Oh yes, I have since graduated.. Holding 2 Diplomas in hand now :) .. I hope to do my degree in HR soon once I have the means.. :) .. back to my job scope, my MD is giving me some challenging tasks to do.. Am pretty excited on that.. Hopefully I can deliver my tasks smoothly and successfully... Insya Allah... and yes, I got my own room to work now.. More privacy! *wink*

I simply love my room now!! and guess what? I won the Best Decorated Room contest! I got $200 Borders Vouchers :)) ..

Life a bliss now.. Having an addition to our family and now we are family of four... having a stable job .. a loving family and what's more can I ask for.. Syukur Alhamdulillah... We're into 8 years of marriage end of this year and many more years to come for us... Insya Allah...

Thank you Allah for all your blessings...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Closer to 8 mths..

2 more days I'm reaching my 32 weeks.. That's fast! I so can't wait for the BIG Day! I guess my tummy is just too heavy for me to carry around.. But Alhamdulillah till now I can still walk around with my heavy tummy... My legs are just itchy to go out.. :p
I've yet to buy Lil Bebe's clothes.. All I have is Alisha's small pinky clothes which I don't tink is appropriate for Lil Bebe to wear.. Lil Bebe will get a totally brand new clothes... So we shall go shopping soon before I can no longer have the strength to go out...
Just 1 more mth to go before I can sit at home and rest while waiting for the DAY to come.. Have
to endure... And will need to hand over my work within this 1 mth.... Anyway 1 mth will past like a flash! :)
Wishing all Happy Holidays and those celebrating Xmas a Happy Merry Xmas! Today another round of food indulgence at Sakura Intl Buffet!! Yummehhh!!
Note: Photo of tummy taken on 31 weeks & 5 days...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Three-Three.. Tiga-Tiga...

Syukur Ya Allah ku dipanjangkan umur hingga ke hari ini.. Genap usia ku 33 tahun.. Syukur Alhamdulillah ku diberikan kesempatan untuk hidup dan memperbaiki diri ku lagi..

Praises to Allah that I'm given the chance to live till this very day.. 33 years and Insya Allah more years to come..

No other presents that I've asked for except this precious Lil Bebe in my tummy.. Never did I imagine I will be celebrating my 33 years of age with my 2nd child in the tummy and soon he will be popping out to see the world in 2 mths time.. Insya Allah... Praises to Allah...

No grand celebration as there is no more zest celebrating birthday as how I used to celebrate during my teens days.. Outing with families is good enuff for me..

Yesterday we had an outing with Kak/Abg Long & family to Tang Tea House before heading to Terminal 2 to meet Abg Chik & family... Received a set of Chomel accessories from Kak Long & family.. It was an impromptu surprised gifts by them.. We had drinks & fries @ McDonalds before going off close to midnite..

Today, we attended a wedding from PIL's side.. After Asar, we went out to meet my family at Bedok.. Hubby dearest bought for me Canon Ixus 100IS camera which I wanted for quite sometimes... My Sis got for me Creative Zen Mosaic MP3 player.. My bro treated us dinner at Pizza Hut.. I couldn't thank enuff for their generousity.. May Allah blessed my whole family (both sides families) with good health and happiness always.. For me the family bonding we shared is more than enuff to make me a happy lady.. Not forgetting my Lil Princess Alisha made me a card with the help of my sis.. :)

Alhamdulillah, turning 33 years old will make me more wiser and I hope to be a better person, wife, mum, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister & friend to all... Insya Allah...

Thank you to all families & friends for the well wishes & doas which came thru FB & smses.. Really really appreciate it.. Also thanks to Norasziah & Alicia for the advanced birthday gifts.. :))

Saturday, November 21, 2009

27 weeks progress...

Went for my monthly check up this morning..
Lil Bebe is progressing well and he now weighs 1.007kg .. Expected that he will put on another 300 plus grams... He was so active when the gynae did the scan on him..

We discussed on the EDD. Gynae was saying that he might be going for holiday during CNY as it will be a long holiday. I told him that I'm quite worried that I might give birth during the CNY week.. And I really want him to deliver my Lil Bebe.. He can jokingly said I should give birth earlier than that.. He won't want the baby to be too big like the sister.. haha.. Anyway he said that I can get ready to start my maternity leave somewhere around 7 Feb onwards.. which means I will be in my 38th week.. Oh well, I don't mind using my annual leave to take a week off before I start my maternity leave.. I guess by then I'm too heavy to go to work.. So looking forward to the long break!

Next week I will be in the 3rd trimester.. which is 7 mths.. fuh! So fast sey! Anyway now I'm waiting for December to go for a short trip to KL before I give birth.. :))

Sunday, November 01, 2009

24 weeks

I've reached my 24 weeks mark.. which is 6 months.. Isn't it fast? I felt that I just gotta know that I'm pregnant but I'm left with 3 months plus before I can see my Lil Bebe Boy... I'm so looking forward to it... Firstly to see my baby... next is my 16 weeks maternity leave.. I really need a break! I need a rest from work!

Anyway at 24 weeks, my tummy is bigger than when I'm expecting Alisha 4 years back. Everybody keep telling me that my tummy looks like 7 mths pregnant.. I guess this is bcos of my 2nd pregnancy and the tummy is well-stretched.. This pregancy is sooo different from the last.. But I'm loving my pregnancy every bits...

Hopefully I will have a smooth pregnancy journey till I reach my full term..Insya Allah..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lil Bebe progress

I turn 23 weeks today.. Next week gonna be 24 weeks = 6 mths... 3 mths plus to go... *gulp* How time flies!

Yesterday was my checkup with the gynae.. We were so eager to see Lil Bebe's progress.. Oh well, he really has grown so fast! From weighing 220g at the last checkup, he weighs 630g now.. He really put on 410g...tsk tsk tsk.. I guess must be the food intake that I took after Ramadhan... :p I myself put on 3 kgs of weight.. seram beb! But nevermind lah, hope to shed the kilos after the birth..

Lil Bebe gonna be a big baby as the gynae said.. Like his sister, Alisha, she was a big baby too at birth weighing 3.42kg.. I hope Lil Bebe won't follow his sister else I will be having hard time to push like the gynae said! But what matter most, as long as he is healthy I wont mind whether he is big or small.. :)

We gonna see him in another 4 weeks time.. By then I will be in my 28 weeks.. Wohooo! I just can't wait for my maternity leave.. I really need and deserve the long 16 weeks break! It's such a hectic and hassle going to work now.. My previous pregnancy I was lucky enuff to just stayed at home.. But not this time.. And another thing, my nite class gonna end this Wednesday! My last 3 exam papers will be in Nov and then left with the Final Year Project... Glad that I'm gonna graduate soon!! Yeay!