Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lil Bebe progress

I turn 23 weeks today.. Next week gonna be 24 weeks = 6 mths... 3 mths plus to go... *gulp* How time flies!

Yesterday was my checkup with the gynae.. We were so eager to see Lil Bebe's progress.. Oh well, he really has grown so fast! From weighing 220g at the last checkup, he weighs 630g now.. He really put on 410g...tsk tsk tsk.. I guess must be the food intake that I took after Ramadhan... :p I myself put on 3 kgs of weight.. seram beb! But nevermind lah, hope to shed the kilos after the birth..

Lil Bebe gonna be a big baby as the gynae said.. Like his sister, Alisha, she was a big baby too at birth weighing 3.42kg.. I hope Lil Bebe won't follow his sister else I will be having hard time to push like the gynae said! But what matter most, as long as he is healthy I wont mind whether he is big or small.. :)

We gonna see him in another 4 weeks time.. By then I will be in my 28 weeks.. Wohooo! I just can't wait for my maternity leave.. I really need and deserve the long 16 weeks break! It's such a hectic and hassle going to work now.. My previous pregnancy I was lucky enuff to just stayed at home.. But not this time.. And another thing, my nite class gonna end this Wednesday! My last 3 exam papers will be in Nov and then left with the Final Year Project... Glad that I'm gonna graduate soon!! Yeay!

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