Sunday, November 01, 2009

24 weeks

I've reached my 24 weeks mark.. which is 6 months.. Isn't it fast? I felt that I just gotta know that I'm pregnant but I'm left with 3 months plus before I can see my Lil Bebe Boy... I'm so looking forward to it... Firstly to see my baby... next is my 16 weeks maternity leave.. I really need a break! I need a rest from work!

Anyway at 24 weeks, my tummy is bigger than when I'm expecting Alisha 4 years back. Everybody keep telling me that my tummy looks like 7 mths pregnant.. I guess this is bcos of my 2nd pregnancy and the tummy is well-stretched.. This pregancy is sooo different from the last.. But I'm loving my pregnancy every bits...

Hopefully I will have a smooth pregnancy journey till I reach my full term..Insya Allah..

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