Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to weekdays again!!

So fast weekdays are here again!! Weekend is just soo short! 48hrs gone just like that! aiyah!!

What did I do during weekend?? Nothing much!!


Supposed my werking day but my kolig changed with me.. So I managed to cuddle with my bolster awhile longer.. That Saturday afternoon, we went over to hubbie's relative for a cukur rambut session... We arrived around 4pm and the Marhaban group just started... Salah timing plak.... We have to wait till 6.15pm to eat... And tat was our lunch.. hehe.. It was soooo warm inside with lotsa people.. And what's more our car kene saman!! Luckily $10 (tapi duit jugak oiii!) Hubbie only put 1 coupon!! Aisey... Went back after eating..

Reached at MIL's place near to maghrib.. Only went back to our home at 9pm..


Sent Alisha to MIL's place at 9.30am.. Had our bfast then both me & hubbie went to JB.. The traffic was slow moving and worst still when we were on our way back to Spore.. We went to Giant Tampoi for groceries shopping den off to top up petrol.. Den went back.. Tot of bringing Alisha jalan2 but when we reached MIL's place is already near to 5pm.. By the time we were soo tired.. Picked Alisha up and went back.. We also dropped the idea of going to my parent's place as Alisha was soo sleepy and before she gets cranky we better not go out.

That's my weekend... So boring! hehe

Hope tis coming weekend will be much better... Have a great week ahead!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My LiL 6 mths old Princess!

My Lil Princess, Alisha Ameera turns 6 mths old today!!

Her development:-
  • Farley Rusk Biscuits for bfast
  • Beras Ayam Gerber for lunch & dinner
  • loves french fries & bagedil
  • loves to talk with her own baby language
  • loves to play with her feet and fingers
  • very observant and curious

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Appointment with the Ewah2 gang at 12pm in Downtown East.. We were late as we need to get the Augustians Besday's cake at Blossom in Singapore Post.. Reached there around 12.30pm.. Buffet started at 12.30pm.. Finally we all get to eat at Sakura International... Rating: 8/10 ...
Great spread of food!! Will make yur stomach soooo senak one! kekeke...

Those who were there: Kak Sun & family, Cen & bf, Yaya & family, shammek, Rosie & Adam & Nollie... Cocoa & hubby joined us later..

Good food, great companies and not forgetting GREAT CELEBRATION! hehehe..

Let the photo do the talking... Enjoy!! See more pics, click here!

My Kenit Alisha..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Photo Shoot!

We have apointment with the Peter Pan Studio / Foto Magic at their studio in South Bridge Road at 3.30pm... Reached there 10 mins late due to going round and round at South Bridge Road just to find parking.. Luckily no other families to take the photo shoot.. So we get to shoot Lil Alisha first.. She was put in a basket and was ready to take the shoot but she wont smile.. Both me & hubbie kept taking turns to make her smile but she buat bodoh with us and continue with her baby talk.. She even lifted her both legs up the basket.. Sungguh tak lawa dgn gaun dia terselak... so tak malu nya anak dara kenit ni! hehe.. At last the uncle has his own tactic to make this kenit smile... With a ball in his hand, he brought it near Alisha's face and CHAK! Ting! Alisha's smiling and the uncle quickly snap her picture... Phew!

When taking the family portrait, again the uncle did the same thing and Lil Alisha put on her smile again...

And the result....

Alisha in a basket..

Family of 3..

After that we proceed to East Coast Road to have our late lunch at Golden Pillow.. We had Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun... It was really filling... After tat we off to East Coast... Taking a fresh air near the sea.. It was windy despite the hot sun shining... Got a call from 1st BIL. He was going Compass Point with his family... So we decided to join them.. Reached Compass Point around 6.15pm.. Window shopping den off to take our dinner at Banquet... Sat there and chit chat before we all made our move to MIL's place...

Finally we reached home at 11.15pm.. *yawn*

Friday, August 19, 2005

Babies Talk!

After maghrib, the 3 of us went over to Teban Garden to visit Lil Aaryan Zaidan.. This petite cutie lil boy was cranky at first.. but soon he became soo friendly and chatty..He can chat non stop and playing his air liur bubble.. hehe... And this dobok cutie lil girl was sooo quiet and kept observing the lil boy and his house.. Sitting in the "pinjam" walker, my Lil Alisha was in her own world.. And Lil Aaryan kept chatting to get her attention.. sooo cute lah.. The 2 mums and dads kept laffing seeing the 2 cuties expressions...

Here are the photos taken...

The 2 babies actions...

LiL' Aaryan Zaidan ....

Thamrin & Rida, thanks for the warm hospitality and the yummy bee hoon plus the crab stick nuggets ;) Nice house by the way.. (nak carik itu blk pon bleh tahan beb! :p )

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Tired Day!

Phew! I was so looking forward to go back home today.. I was really super tired today.. First it was a hectic day for us in the office.. An application down resulted in a surge of calls.. Lotsa of voicemails to be cleared and emails too.. But I was quite lucky to escape the "hell" moment from 2pm to 5.30pm as I was away for training... But after I came back from training, I was sooo not looking forward seeing the voicemail that need to be cleared.. A colleague of mine passed me a long list of voicemail that need to be call back.. Sian!! And what's more tis week I knock off at 7pm which everybody hates to werk the 10am to 7pm shift.. Arghhh! *take a deep breath* hmm.. endure Idah!! Just 3 more days to go before the weekend!!

Kay let's not talk about werk... First of all, I would like to tell those who tagged me.. I did not do this beautiful layout myself... Thanks to her for creating the beautiful layout for me.. Sorry ya if I asked too much from you..*wink* I just got no time to create my own skin lately.. Simply no time! hehe.. Was busy at werk, then when I came back home, of course I'm busy with my Lil Alisha... So there goes my time to do watever that I need to do.. Same goes to my updating of blog! I became soo lazy eversince I gave birth.. No more everyday entries as you can see.. hehe.. But at least I try my very best to post some entries rite??? ;p

Okay I need to stop here.. I really need an early nite today! My eyes are like panda now.. Hv a great midweek tomoro!! Adious!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yum Yum!

Here is Alisha when having her Beras Ayam for her lunch.. She is so tak tahu duduk diam nya kenit!! Have a hard time feeding her.. Kene banyak sabar!! hehe

At 5pm, we went out to Tampines Mall.. Been sometimes tat I last went there... First stop to Charles & Keith.. Bought 2 pairs of shoe.. One is a slip in sandal and another one is a werking shoe... Then went to Starhub to get another set top box as today starts the English Premier League... (meaning no late nites on Saturday cos hubby needs to sit in front of the TV and see his Liverpool team plays) .. Neway the Q number at Starhub was so slow so we went over to Fox to shop.. They are having a great sale!! 50% off storewide and if you buy 3 pieces and above, it will be 70% off.. Wow! Isn't it a great bargain? So I grabbed 3 tee shirt and actual price was $66.10 but after 70% off it was like $24.20.. See the difference?? isk isk isk.. So why wait?? Go shopping at Fox lah.. hehehe...

My stuff.. Am a happy lady today! :p

After we got the set top at Starhub, went to ToysRus.. Tot of getting Lil Alisha toys but too fickle minded on wat to get so end up not buying anything.. hehe.. Nvm Alisha, wait mama buy for you toys next time otey?! ;)

Then off we went to Bistro Delifrance.. Bistro Delifrance is much better than the normal Delifrance.. Reason being, more variety of food to choose... Shud go lah... see the menu! And you get to pen down your order in the order sheet and present it to the counter.. Dah mcm kat Es Teler ah.. same concept.. hehe..

Here is the pic of the food that we ordered...

Mine : Jarret d'Agnean Braisée (braised lamb shank served with mashed potato)

Hubby's: Poulet á la Forestiére (roast chicken forestiére served with fettuccine)

How? Looks yummy rite?? *grin*

We went back to MIL's place after Tampines Mall trip.. Watched Everton vs Man Utd game there.. Phew! Man Utd won! yeah! Reached home at 10.30pm.. Put Alisha to sleep as she has been bathed over at MIL's place and also had her nestum cereal at 8.20pm.. Now she's sleeping so soundly.. hehe.. Chatted with kissy, nymph and a kolig of mine in MSN....

Oops..better stop here.. Need to turn in early as tomoro morning gonna go JB with hubby... Good nite and enjoy yur Sunday!! :)

No title as yet!

Currently I'm at work... Now waiting for 1pm so tat I can go back!! Later in the afternoon we gonna bring Alisha out.. Go jalan2... She's been a good girl for the past days.. She's also now a playful girl.. Likes to play with her toys and not forgetting her feet.. hehe..

Last Wednesday nite, me & Alisha together with mayang & Rian and also mummyto3 to visit her & her Lil Az-Zahra and not forgetting the cute Irfan.. Lil Alisha & Lil Rian smile at each other when they meet.. So cute lah.. No pictures taken but have to wait for Mummy Nz to post their pictures in her blog.. hehe.. Thanks to Mummy Nz for the S26 Gold & the cute Lil pinky dress for Lil Alisha.. Can't wait to dress up Alisha with that cute dress.. hehe

Hmmm... tat's all for today... No more ideas to pen down.. Have a great weekend frens!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back in hometown..

Yesh! We're back yesterday nite.. Chose to be back yesterday instead of today cos for sure we will stuck in the massive jam in the checkpoint if we were to come back today... Reached home yesterday around 10pm.. Before that we sent PIL back home and den we zoomed to my parents' place to send some stuff there.. Back home, after shower, I put Alisha to sleep and both me & hubbie watched VCD - Cinta Luar Biasa till 1.30am.. Dozed off to sleep after tat.. Lil Alisha was soo tired that she sleeps throut the nite and only woke up at 5.30am for her milk and dozed off again.. Penat betul anak dara ku ini... Cian dia.. hehe

The trip to Malacca was fun! Altho it's a normal routine going back kampung that we have every year... But this year was fun cos Alisha is wif us and what's more it's her 1st trip there.. She being a first timer to go back kampung, her curiousity looking around her surrounding makes her soo cute lah.. I tink in her mind kept saying "Kat mana lah aku ni eh?" hehe

Kay let me recap back from the day we went till we're back in S'pore...


I was on half day on Friday.. Hubbie took full day off but I just settled with half day.. Furthermore the result of the National Day decoration competition will be out tat day at 10.30am... At werk, we have tis friendly decoration competition for the National Day among the teams in Lvl 8.. I was put in charge along with a colleague of mine for the deco stuff.. With the help of few of my other colleagues, we managed to put up a simple yet intertesting stuff up in the glass panel which clinched a 1st prize.. We were ecstatic upon hearing the result... We won $100 cash... Great!

At 11.30am, I'm off from work and hubbie fetched me at my werk place and we headed to Tuas checkpoint straight.. PIL followed us.. Traffic was of course smooth.. Stopped by at Esso to buy drinks and Black Pepper Chicken from Ayamas.. Tat was our so called lunch! hehe.. After we ate, we continue our journey... Finally reached kampung 2.5 hrs later.. The feeling of staying kampung is just sooo great.. but minus off the heat lah.. hehe.. We didn't go to any places tat day.. Only to 7-11 nearby to buy some tidbits...

Saturday (060805)

Woke up at 6am... Dunt ask me why cos my precious Lil Alisha wokes around tat time.. She wants me to play with her.. But at kampung around tat time most ppl have woken up oredy.. At 6.45am, me & hubbie brought Alisha to buy bfast nearby and also to show Alisha to hubbie's grandma.. Over at the stall, Alisha was being surrounded by hubbie's aunties.. Sungguh popular anak ku ini... Sampai bau prata pipi dia.. hehe...

At 9.30am, both me and hubbie plus Alisha together with Kak Ngah (hubbie's SIL) & Lil Syazwan, we set off to Tesco to buy some stuff.. (shopping lah..apa lagik kan! hehe) After Tesco, we went to Pasar Besar at Melaka Sentral to buy stuff tat my mum asked for.. wat else if not belacan, gula melaka, baulu and pulut itam.. After "borong-ing" all the stuff, we proceed to our tailor.. Sent my 3 kain plus Alisha's.. SIL & mum oso sent 1 kain each to the nyonya.. Luckily the nyonya wants to take in Alisha's kain for baju kurung.. After everything, we went back home.. Too tired to continue our journey to Mahkota Parade...

Reached home and lepakz... At 6pm, we went to Pasar Malam nearby.. Borong all the food there.. Cheap2 and nice.. We bought ayam jerangkung, laksa penang, apam balik, mee sup, putu bambu & soya bean drink for dinner...

Sunday (070805)

We decided to bring the kiddos to Mahkota Parade for shopping... Set off around 10.30am.. Managed to get parking over there.. See lotsa Singapore cars there... We headed to a place tat I lurve to buy Alisha's clothing but unfortunately, World of Cartoon has closed down! Arghhh! Was quite sad lah.. Went over to Parkson.. Got my clinique compact powder there .. (cheaper than S'pore by $9) and also some of Alisha's clothes there.. Disney collection not so much there.. Sian! Went jalan2 .. One thing weird tat I encountered there was the Malaysian people there keep pointing at Alisha's mini fan tat was clipped at her stroller.. "Eh ada kipas ah" .. "Wahh got fan" "Eh ni kipas pakai bateri ker?" isk isk isk.. sungguh ah.. hehe..

Neway we had our lunch at the foodcourt.. Not forgetting the milk shake at McDonald.. I just miss McDonald milk shake.. Spore used to have it here but dunno why they stopped it.. Reached home around 2.30pm... Lepakz again.. Feeling quite lerthagic as the weather is super hot & warm.. Tot of going another Pasar Malam at Pantai but we forgo the idea as we were super tired.. At nite, we had satay, mee bandung, mee hailam & tomyam for dinner.. BIL & FIL went to buy the food while hubbie & MIL went over to visit one of MIL's sis nearby.. Me & Alisha were excused as it was late oredy... yay! hehe

Oh ya.. not forgetting we had durian and chempedak feast too! *grin*

Monday (080805)

Early morning, hubbie drove Kak Ngah & MIL to Melaka Raya & to Pejabat Pos.. Me & Alisha tagged along.. The kiddos all went to skool.. FIL as usual will stay and do his "berkebun" thingy.. After we came back, we went visiting again.. This time we went PIL's siblings houses across the street.. Of cos was to introduce our "new comer", Lil Alisha to them.. Alisha kena kish kish and ramas2.. Poor her.. She get so agitated and scream out loud.. akakaka.. Pity them.. Alisha still wants her mama to carry her.. ;)

Reached home, we rested... MIL's sister and FL's sister dropped by... Packed everthing and by 4.30pm we set off back to S'pore.. The days just past soooo fast... iskk.. I just yearn for another holiday... but when?? hmmmm.... shall see lah..

So tat's about all lah.. Now I'm gonna sleep so tat I can wake up fresh to go to work tomoro.. Luckily tomoro is already midweek.. Meaning just 3 days of working.. yay!!

Bye for now!!! ;)

To view the pics, pls click here!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bye! We're off!!

The 3 of us gonna be here tomoro noon! Bye eberibodi!! Have an enjoyable weekend cum holiday!! Shall update when we come back..


Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Besday Ros!!

To our dear pren, Ros best known as Mal...
Happy Besday to you and Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to you and Adam.. Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.. Semoga hajat kamu akan tercapai jua satu hari nanti.. Insya Allah..
Semoga mahligai yg dibina akan berkekalan... Amin..
Enjoy yur trip and hope you have a great "honeymoon" ..