Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to weekdays again!!

So fast weekdays are here again!! Weekend is just soo short! 48hrs gone just like that! aiyah!!

What did I do during weekend?? Nothing much!!


Supposed my werking day but my kolig changed with me.. So I managed to cuddle with my bolster awhile longer.. That Saturday afternoon, we went over to hubbie's relative for a cukur rambut session... We arrived around 4pm and the Marhaban group just started... Salah timing plak.... We have to wait till 6.15pm to eat... And tat was our lunch.. hehe.. It was soooo warm inside with lotsa people.. And what's more our car kene saman!! Luckily $10 (tapi duit jugak oiii!) Hubbie only put 1 coupon!! Aisey... Went back after eating..

Reached at MIL's place near to maghrib.. Only went back to our home at 9pm..


Sent Alisha to MIL's place at 9.30am.. Had our bfast then both me & hubbie went to JB.. The traffic was slow moving and worst still when we were on our way back to Spore.. We went to Giant Tampoi for groceries shopping den off to top up petrol.. Den went back.. Tot of bringing Alisha jalan2 but when we reached MIL's place is already near to 5pm.. By the time we were soo tired.. Picked Alisha up and went back.. We also dropped the idea of going to my parent's place as Alisha was soo sleepy and before she gets cranky we better not go out.

That's my weekend... So boring! hehe

Hope tis coming weekend will be much better... Have a great week ahead!

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