Saturday, August 13, 2005

No title as yet!

Currently I'm at work... Now waiting for 1pm so tat I can go back!! Later in the afternoon we gonna bring Alisha out.. Go jalan2... She's been a good girl for the past days.. She's also now a playful girl.. Likes to play with her toys and not forgetting her feet.. hehe..

Last Wednesday nite, me & Alisha together with mayang & Rian and also mummyto3 to visit her & her Lil Az-Zahra and not forgetting the cute Irfan.. Lil Alisha & Lil Rian smile at each other when they meet.. So cute lah.. No pictures taken but have to wait for Mummy Nz to post their pictures in her blog.. hehe.. Thanks to Mummy Nz for the S26 Gold & the cute Lil pinky dress for Lil Alisha.. Can't wait to dress up Alisha with that cute dress.. hehe

Hmmm... tat's all for today... No more ideas to pen down.. Have a great weekend frens!!

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