Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Tired Day!

Phew! I was so looking forward to go back home today.. I was really super tired today.. First it was a hectic day for us in the office.. An application down resulted in a surge of calls.. Lotsa of voicemails to be cleared and emails too.. But I was quite lucky to escape the "hell" moment from 2pm to 5.30pm as I was away for training... But after I came back from training, I was sooo not looking forward seeing the voicemail that need to be cleared.. A colleague of mine passed me a long list of voicemail that need to be call back.. Sian!! And what's more tis week I knock off at 7pm which everybody hates to werk the 10am to 7pm shift.. Arghhh! *take a deep breath* hmm.. endure Idah!! Just 3 more days to go before the weekend!!

Kay let's not talk about werk... First of all, I would like to tell those who tagged me.. I did not do this beautiful layout myself... Thanks to her for creating the beautiful layout for me.. Sorry ya if I asked too much from you..*wink* I just got no time to create my own skin lately.. Simply no time! hehe.. Was busy at werk, then when I came back home, of course I'm busy with my Lil Alisha... So there goes my time to do watever that I need to do.. Same goes to my updating of blog! I became soo lazy eversince I gave birth.. No more everyday entries as you can see.. hehe.. But at least I try my very best to post some entries rite??? ;p

Okay I need to stop here.. I really need an early nite today! My eyes are like panda now.. Hv a great midweek tomoro!! Adious!!

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