Monday, August 28, 2006

So Mendak Day..

I'm back in the office after 3.5 days off from work.. This morning super mendak thinking of going back to work! Fuh! Dalam kepala otak ku mcm nak MC jer tapi ku tahan jebat!!! :p

Splendid weekend that we had...

Right after I knocked off from my half day, I rushed back to PIL's place to "collect" Icah. PIL also went out together with me as they need to catch the 2.30pm bus to Malacca. Icah was crying wanting to follow her nenek & Atuk.. Alah..cian nya anak aku ni!! After that brought her to play the playground near our block while waiting for hubbie to come. *Ni kes lupa nak bawak kunci..nasib baik laki ku keje dekat jer.. :P* Once hubbie reached, we went up. Prepared Icah's things and at 2.50pm, we went out and hubbie went back to work. Took bus to Kembangan MRT. Icah was sooo goody good inside the bus. She sat beside me and observed the surrounding. *al-maklom lah si kenit ni kan dah di manjakan asyik naik kurita* Then we took MRT to Bedok to meet my sis. From Bedok we went to Tampines. I tell you, my lil kenit super excited inside the MRT. She keeps waving the MRT which passed by her.. *slap forehead* And her mouth cud not stop blabbering.. Such a jakunist! hehe

Went McDonald for lunch. Collected my TIKAR MANJA at the 8-day kiosk. Went jalan2. Stopped by Toys 'R' Us. Icah wants a Disney doll pram and Disney shades. Went off from Tampines at 5.45pm. Took MRT back to my parents' home. Wait for hubbie there. Had dinner, watched SG Idol Result. *Sib baik Hady is safe..else ku akan boycott itu SG Idol* Went back at 9.30pm.

Icah's 18mths jab and assessment. Went to Bedok Poly. Luckily it was a fast one. Dunno why today Icah so cengeng. Kene jab cry, check up with doctor oso cry.. alahai..super menjeng ini anak!! But after we left the clinic, she is back to her normal self..iskkk.. Had bfast at Lee Wee Brother's stall.. nasi Lomak jugak kita makan.. After that dunno where to go..ended up at SIL's place at Bukit Panjang. Petang2 ngorok.. At 5.45pm, we went back home.

At 9.30pm, went out to Bedok Road Food Centre for our late dinner or so called supper. Den we went rounding2 near Changi. Went back only at 11.45pm.

Morning, made Fettuccine Black Pepper for bfast.. At 3.15pm, went out with dad & bro to Sim Lim as bro needs to get PC for his office. Ku plak penat layan si kenit yg tak tahu diam kat Sim Lim. Then we had lunch cum dinner at Tong Seng.. Sungguh lama betul ku tak ke sana! The last time went there I was pregnant with Icah. Fuh!! Dapat terbalas jugak ngidam ku dgn itu Seafood Soup Noodle *ni bukan ngidam ngandong ye.. :p* Then we went Bugis as bro wanted to get Icah a Nike Sports Shoe but too bad cud not find any. After that sent dad and bro back to Bedok and we went back home. Al maklum lah EPL dah start and laki ku ni peminat setia Liverpool so tak bleh lah miss any matches... :) Tot of going out after the match but both me & Icah had went to our own LALA land... :)

Attended eL's wedding. Supposed to meet the MMVDs at 1.30pm but Icah was sleeping and woke up late so we ended up left home a bit later. Reached there nearly at 2pm. Tot that the groom has yet to come but dah bersanding pon atas pelamin.. The food was great! Sedap!! Too bad we din get to take photo with the Pengantinz.. They were rushing to the groom side but get to salam eLek and took peektures of them both. Selamat Pengantin Baru EL & Remy. Semoga mahligai yg dibina berkekalan dan produce eLek jnr soon!! :)

After that, all of us went to another block to have a mini presentation of the August babies prezzies.. Rosie & Kak Sun got a prezzies each.. See how happy they were!! //eyebrow
Then follow by our photo sessions and "interviewing session" wakakakakaka //eyebrow to all MMVDs..

Finally we made a move after 30 mins of fun.. Oh by the way, I got hold of NONA magazine!! All thanks to Rosie's sis for buying one for me!! Thank you Rosie's sister!! :)

Since hir & Megat were late to eL's wedding, we went jalan2 first. Only that they had finished eating there, we met them and went to Clarke Quay to have dessert at Haagen Dasz. This time round, Megat's fiance followed us. Too bad Nollie had a "date" to JB.. //eyebrow ... Saya suka dgr kamu nya cerita pasal "date" kamu! wakakakaka...

From Clarke Quay to Liang Court den off to Esplanade. Then off to Marina Square. Managed to get Icah's Nike Shoe at Nike's Boutique. Courtesy of Icah's Uncle Kamal... Had dinner at Secret Recipe. Off to send them at Yishun and we went back home. First time on a Sunday we went back late. Usually Sunday nite will be our rest time.... :)

Enjoy the peektures!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

She's 18 months old!!!

Photo freshly taken this morning which marks her 18 mths old toddler...

Alisha Ameera turns 18 mths today.. Or exactly at 1.37am this morning!! She was born on a Thursday back 18 mths ago at East Shore.. How fast time flies and another 6 more mths, she gonna reach her 2 years mark!!

At 18 mths, she's now learning on how to speak some words but still can hear her alien language. She is more attentive now. She also can now imitate people very well. Eg. If we pretend to cry in front of her, she will follow crying with her two hands on her eyes and sound of crying came out from her. Hahaha.. We were soo amazed when she did that for the first time! She knows how to merajuk. She will ignore us if she is in merajuk state. Dint even let us to touch her.. hehehe

Today I just applied for half day as PIL going back to Malacca at 2.30pm. So I'll be bringing my 18 mths old kenit to go jalan at Tampines. Gonna take her for a MRT ride.. Sure she will enjoy it!! :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hady Mirza Rulez!!

I cried!! For the first time I did cry watching the Singapore Idols! All because of Hady Mirza. He sang the Lagenda song really well and made me have goosebumps all over me.. And when he saw his mum cried, he even broke down! Oh boy! That really touched my heart! He's simply the MAN to clinch the SG IDOL title! I just hope that S'porean vote wisely!

Hady is a talented guy who can sing any genre of songs. I was so surprised that even Ken said he is the best in the SG Idol season! That's the best comment that I ever heard so far from a Idol critics!!

I hope tomoro Hady will not be the bottom 3!!! I have voted for him for few times, have you??

SMS 6 to 43657

Sweet Agent Next Door..

*ehemmm* ...

Been wanting to promote her eversince she graduate from her property agent course but belom ada kesempatan...

So here I am helping my dearest partner in crime doing promotion on her new found "job"... So anyone wants to buy/sell/rent any kind of houses, please ring her at the given number below. She'll be 100% willing to help you with the search and transactions! So dunt shy shy hor! Please call our Sweet Agent Next Door (SAND) whom better known as Norah S!! *wink*

Pretty aint she?

Sunday, August 20, 2006


It's gonna be Monday again in few hrs time.. Gosh!! Why is the time super fast w/o realising that the weekend mood gonna be over soon!! huwahhh!!! Now hoping for another weekend to come soon.. *belom masuk weekdays ku dah nak weekend*

Our weekend starts on Friday nite. Went to my parents' place after maghrib. Mum cooked Thosai. We had durian treats too!! Sungguh sedap rasanya!! At 9pm, dad, sis , me & Alisha went to Bedok Central as dad gonna buy some more durians for Pak Long as my parents and sis are going to Pak Long's house at Batam on Saturday. I sooo long time never go to Bedok Central. I just miss my childhood/teenhood's days... Bedok Central was the place that I frequent... Anyway, went over to Giordano as they are having sale. In the end dad bought for me 1 capri pants, 1 jeans and 1 t-shirt while sis got 1 jeans and 1 blouse. Dad's pocket made a BIGH hole by $111. Pity him. Wanted to pay myself but he won't let me. Haizzz... That is my dad! He is a great dad! Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki buat bapaku!! Alisha too get her 1 big packet of MILO and 2 types of cornflakes. Back at 10pm. Hubbie still playing Counterstrike inside sis room. Alisha is back with her super active moves.

We made a move at 11.20pm. Tot of going back but when suddenly hubbie told that he wanna go JB to top up petrol. Called up traffic watch and luckily traffic was free flowing. By 12.45am we reached home. By 1.30am off to dreamland..

Saturday morning, I made Konnyaku Jellies for the PDC picnic. Went out at 4pm and headed to Shell for our car washing. Then off to East Coast. Met some new faces from PDC. Stayed there till 6.30pm and off to MIL's place as hubbie had made appt with Abg Long to watch the Liverpool match over at MIL's.

We only went back home at 11.30pm.

Click here for the picnic peektures!

Sunday, not much activities tho'. Had made appt with NbyN at 12pm. Went over and was so captivated by the photos and the touch up by the photographers & designers. Met our image consultant named Fauzan. We gonna have our complimentary image makeover by them. (apa tak nya, ntah mcm mana dorang dapat my hp number and keep calling me for the dah FOC, apa lagik, pegi ah) After some briefing, we had to reschedule our appt to this Friday as there's lotsa people waiting for the makeover. Since Friday both hubbie and me will be on leave so we decided to come back on that day and had our photo shoot.

Back to MIL's place. At 3.30pm, we brought MIL to TTSH together with SIL's family to visit SIL's brader in law warded in CCU. At 5.30pm, we made a move and had our early dinner at Kopitiam. Headed back to send MIL and we went home after that.

Now I feel soooo sleepy! Another 4 days of working before the weekend!! Shall stop here.

Enjoy the below vidz taken while Alisha busy talking using her Abah's hp.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What the Heck??!!

Was soo disappointed with the SG IDOL result!! A good voice Mathilda is out! And the Joker Joakim is still in?? What theeeee fish!! Joakim can't sing lah dey!! Why his fans all deaf & blind??! Dunt base on the cutey cute face lah!! But what is impt is the voice!! As Gurmit always say that THIS IS A SINGING COMPETITION!!! Such a disappointment! If this goes on, we gonna lose the good singers over the bad ones!!

One thing lucky, Hady Mirza is still in the competition!! You will have our votes HADY!!! Guys, pls vote wisely!!

On the other note, just received the Sept issue of MANJA in my letter box.. and guess who's in the cover???? Who else but the PASANGAN SENSASI LAGI TERKINI yg akan melangsungkan pernikahan lagi 4 hari!! Haiizzz...sana sini muka dorang terpampang kat mana2 majalah.. Jelak betul lah!!

Tgk lah bawah ni...

Yet to get hold!

I really need to get hold of this below magazine! I feel sad when reading the interview between the journalist & Tengku Zawiyah. I really feel for her. Really salute her for being so strong despite the news of her ex-husband & that Mek Iti's marriage all over the tabloids!

Heard that this Nona magazine can't be found anywhere in JB as all are out of stock.. Mcm goreng pisang panas ahhh!! Just now, I did ask hubbie to search for the magazine at Pasar Geylang during his lunch time but was told no stock. The stock will be coming this Saturday! So I oredy told hubbie that we shall go Pasar Geylang this Saturday!! hehe

Enuff on that... Did you guys watched SG Idol yesterday??? Hady Mirza just rocks!!! He's good mannn!! I simply lurve his performance every show!! He simply shows his best!! Hope that he can win the SG Idol! Tonite, hopefully Joakim will be out!!!

2 more hrs knocking off!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another weekend purleseee!

Gosh!! Weekend gonna be over soon!! If only weekend is longer!! Wishful thinking!!! pfffftttt! Tomoro back to werk! Arghhh!!

So what we did during weekend???

We din go out as Alisha not feeling that well. Lucky she has no fever but seems soo lembik.. Wanna sleep only. So we forgo the idea of catching the fireworks. Hir & Megat came over with supper from Madinatul.

Morning, the study table that we ordered from VHIVE was delivered. Both hubbie & me did some spring cleaning while Alisha's asleep. Uncle Mat dropped by our house. He tot of giving our leather sofa in our room a conditioning but he was too tired after his 2 jobs done earlier on. So he rested and promised to come the next day.

At 4pm, we went out. Sent Uncle Mat to Paya Lebar MRT and we went over to hubbie's kolig, Romelyn's place at Clearwater Condo. We had a swim at the big swimming pool there. At first, Alisha was scared and she kept asking to go out of the pool but slowly after I coaxed her, she finally cooled down and started to enjoy the warm water. So now hopefully I've got no problem bringing her to the public pool in future. After swimming, we went up to Rome's unit to have our Pizza Hut dinner. Ate a bit and we left to meet Abg Long & family at Marina South for the fireworks. Reached the open field around 7.30pm.

At 9.05pm, then the fireworks started. Team France fireworks are the best!!! Awesome!! This time we cud see very clearly and the feeling is just soo great! After the fireworks ended, we proceed to Adam Road for our late munching. Too bad when we reached there, most of the stalls were about to close. So we din ordered much. Just sharing here and there. Hir & Megat came to meet us there. We went back at around 11.40pm. Reached home about 12.10am.

Morning we just lazed around. Uncle Mat came at 12 noon. He clean & conditioned our sofa inside the study room. While hubbie bought lunch at Madinatul. At 2pm, we sent Uncle Mat home. Not knowing where to go, we ended up at Parkway. Nothing much to see or buy. Blom gaji wohhh!! :) After that we went to East Coast Food Centre for our dinner. Had ikan pari bakar, oyster sauce kailan and kerang.. After dinner, back home. A simple Sunday we had...

Shall stop here for now. Paler tgh kenonengan! Have a great brand new week ahead guys!! Adious!!

Peektures here!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The awaiting PH!

Eve of National Day (080806)
- After maghrib, we set off to Marina hoping to find any spot to see the fireworks but disappointed.
- Ended up at Tanjong Rhu after Abg Long called to say they were heading there. Managed to catch the fireworks but not the full view. Am still hoping to go Esplanade to view the full fireworks.
- Lepak at Tanjong Rhu with Abg Long & family, enjoying our Murtabak, Donuts & drinks.
- Went back home.

National Day (090806)
- Early morning, received news from MIL that Cik Jantan passed away. We just visited him on Monday at CGH.
- At 10.30am, we got ready and went Eunos to "melawat".
- Made a move around 11.30am. Sent PIL back home and we headed to my parents' place.
- Had a mini BBQ lunch there. Mum cooked Tom Yam. We had ikan pari, prawns, sotong, black pepper chickies, meat steak & otak2.
- Went back at 2.30pm. Both mum & daughter took a nap.
- No intention of going out so we watched the National Day Parade followed by SG Idols & Cinta Q while enjoying Arnold Fried Chicken for dinner.

Post National Day (100806)
- Took urgent leave today. M mood is here! Actually I took my bath oredy and wanted to change to my office clothes but hubbie physco me not to go to work! Suami contoh beb! :p
- Played with Icah for awhile and then put her to sleep.
- At 11.30am, hubbie decided to bring us out. There goes our $20 colourful kupon (READ: Weekend Car mah!)
- Sms Nazreen asking whether she wanna have lunch with us as she's werking at OCBC Building.
- Time set at 1pm and Venue at Pizza Hut Tampines Mall.
- Crowded during lunch time, but we managed to get seats at Pizza Hut. Naz came at 1.15pm.
- Eat as we chat. She's already at her 6 mths of her 3rd pregnancy! She still looks good! :) Anyway thanks for the treat Naz!! Mentang2 lah dia happy sakan niari so dapat lah kita makan pree ;P
- We parted our ways. Naz back to office while we followed hubbie to his hair saloon at Bedok Reservoir.
- After hubbie's hair cutting session, we went to Mustafa Centre. Bought some stuff and we're back to MIL's house.
- Ate Nasi Lemak that MIL cooked.
- By 7.30pm, we're back home.

That's all for our 2 and half day of fun. The next holiday gonna be..ermmm... What?? October?? That is Deepavali and 2 days after that is Hari Raya..Goshh! That long!! *sob* Ramadhan is coming soon!!! Better pay my "utang poser" back by next week!


p/s: More pictures in this album..

Monday, August 07, 2006

A short week..

Haizzz....It's Monday again!! But this week gonna be short week as we work a day less! yippie!! All thanks to our National Day!!

Recapped back what we did on last weekend...

- Morning, posto Icah to MIL's..Both me & hubbie painted our study room. Started at 8.30am. Finished at 2.30pm. End product = Our satisfaction!!
- At 3.45pm, fetch Icah and went to Far East Plaza to meet hubbie's kolig & ex-kolig. They're having a gathering at Ramen Ten. Luckily we're not the last to arrive.
- After the feast at Ramen Ten, we're off to NYDC at Heeren for our dessert. Ate my brownie with ice cream! yummieee...
- At 7pm, all of us took our leave. The 3 of us headed towards Esplanade thinking of catching the fireworks there but carpark full. One Fullerton's carpark too were full. Drive along the slip road towards Marina South and saw lotsa cars parked at the open field so we joined in too..Luckily it was windy there! So from 7.30pm, we waited till 9pm for the fireworks. I can say that it's all worth it going there and get to see the beautiful and captivating fireworks. Left the place at 9.30pm. Slowly we managed to go thru the jam and off to Nicoll Highway.
- Last stop to Mak's Place for dinner.
- Reached home nearly 11.30pm.

Outside Ramen Ten

My yummylicious brownies


- Prepare breakfast. Sotong Dalam Tin masak sambal. Eat with white bread.
- Supposedly we wanted to go IKEA early but at 12.30pm, Icah went to her dreamland & this mummy having headache and joined her too. Hubbie cleaned the house.
- Icah woke up at 3.30pm and we decided to go IKEA.
- Went out at 4.30pm and reached IKEA at 5pm. Shopping spree for 2 hrs and poorer by $100+.
- No idea where to have dinner and ended up at Mak's Place again! (dah ketandusan idea)
- Back home, ironed 3 days working clothes each for both of us.
- By 10.30pm, off to lala land!

Icah with her new Director's Chair..

That's it! Now counting a day more to a midweek holiday.

Pictures will be uploaded tonite! :)

Click here for more peektures!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Look..

Hokay, just changed my blog layout.. Since Tuesday I felt the itch to change to a new skin after I had my multiply layout changed! So was finding a nice background for my blog and I tot this one shud be nice so here it is!!
Now I dun know what else to do.. So far this week is my free week! No work at all!! I just surf and surf till I'm bored! Waiting for a new project as I've just finished one..
Stop here for now!! Adious!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BiG Three-ZerO

Wishing my dearest MMVD fren, Roswati aka Mrs Adam Lee, aka Rosie, aka RoseDonna dan Rose-Rose sewaktu dengannya, a HAPPY TIGA POSEN BIRTHDAY!!! Semoga dipanjangkan usia dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu.. You will always be forever young at heart! *wink*

Happy 4th Year Wedding Anniversary to you & Adam too! Semoga mahligai bahagia yg kamu bina berkekalan hendaknya.. Insya Allah... Dan semoga kamu berdua dikurniakan cahayamata yang comel2...

Enjoy your special day at home ya!! *eyebrow*