Sunday, August 20, 2006


It's gonna be Monday again in few hrs time.. Gosh!! Why is the time super fast w/o realising that the weekend mood gonna be over soon!! huwahhh!!! Now hoping for another weekend to come soon.. *belom masuk weekdays ku dah nak weekend*

Our weekend starts on Friday nite. Went to my parents' place after maghrib. Mum cooked Thosai. We had durian treats too!! Sungguh sedap rasanya!! At 9pm, dad, sis , me & Alisha went to Bedok Central as dad gonna buy some more durians for Pak Long as my parents and sis are going to Pak Long's house at Batam on Saturday. I sooo long time never go to Bedok Central. I just miss my childhood/teenhood's days... Bedok Central was the place that I frequent... Anyway, went over to Giordano as they are having sale. In the end dad bought for me 1 capri pants, 1 jeans and 1 t-shirt while sis got 1 jeans and 1 blouse. Dad's pocket made a BIGH hole by $111. Pity him. Wanted to pay myself but he won't let me. Haizzz... That is my dad! He is a great dad! Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki buat bapaku!! Alisha too get her 1 big packet of MILO and 2 types of cornflakes. Back at 10pm. Hubbie still playing Counterstrike inside sis room. Alisha is back with her super active moves.

We made a move at 11.20pm. Tot of going back but when suddenly hubbie told that he wanna go JB to top up petrol. Called up traffic watch and luckily traffic was free flowing. By 12.45am we reached home. By 1.30am off to dreamland..

Saturday morning, I made Konnyaku Jellies for the PDC picnic. Went out at 4pm and headed to Shell for our car washing. Then off to East Coast. Met some new faces from PDC. Stayed there till 6.30pm and off to MIL's place as hubbie had made appt with Abg Long to watch the Liverpool match over at MIL's.

We only went back home at 11.30pm.

Click here for the picnic peektures!

Sunday, not much activities tho'. Had made appt with NbyN at 12pm. Went over and was so captivated by the photos and the touch up by the photographers & designers. Met our image consultant named Fauzan. We gonna have our complimentary image makeover by them. (apa tak nya, ntah mcm mana dorang dapat my hp number and keep calling me for the dah FOC, apa lagik, pegi ah) After some briefing, we had to reschedule our appt to this Friday as there's lotsa people waiting for the makeover. Since Friday both hubbie and me will be on leave so we decided to come back on that day and had our photo shoot.

Back to MIL's place. At 3.30pm, we brought MIL to TTSH together with SIL's family to visit SIL's brader in law warded in CCU. At 5.30pm, we made a move and had our early dinner at Kopitiam. Headed back to send MIL and we went home after that.

Now I feel soooo sleepy! Another 4 days of working before the weekend!! Shall stop here.

Enjoy the below vidz taken while Alisha busy talking using her Abah's hp.

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