Thursday, August 17, 2006

What the Heck??!!

Was soo disappointed with the SG IDOL result!! A good voice Mathilda is out! And the Joker Joakim is still in?? What theeeee fish!! Joakim can't sing lah dey!! Why his fans all deaf & blind??! Dunt base on the cutey cute face lah!! But what is impt is the voice!! As Gurmit always say that THIS IS A SINGING COMPETITION!!! Such a disappointment! If this goes on, we gonna lose the good singers over the bad ones!!

One thing lucky, Hady Mirza is still in the competition!! You will have our votes HADY!!! Guys, pls vote wisely!!

On the other note, just received the Sept issue of MANJA in my letter box.. and guess who's in the cover???? Who else but the PASANGAN SENSASI LAGI TERKINI yg akan melangsungkan pernikahan lagi 4 hari!! Haiizzz...sana sini muka dorang terpampang kat mana2 majalah.. Jelak betul lah!!

Tgk lah bawah ni...

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