Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yet to get hold!

I really need to get hold of this below magazine! I feel sad when reading the interview between the journalist & Tengku Zawiyah. I really feel for her. Really salute her for being so strong despite the news of her ex-husband & that Mek Iti's marriage all over the tabloids!

Heard that this Nona magazine can't be found anywhere in JB as all are out of stock.. Mcm goreng pisang panas ahhh!! Just now, I did ask hubbie to search for the magazine at Pasar Geylang during his lunch time but was told no stock. The stock will be coming this Saturday! So I oredy told hubbie that we shall go Pasar Geylang this Saturday!! hehe

Enuff on that... Did you guys watched SG Idol yesterday??? Hady Mirza just rocks!!! He's good mannn!! I simply lurve his performance every show!! He simply shows his best!! Hope that he can win the SG Idol! Tonite, hopefully Joakim will be out!!!

2 more hrs knocking off!!

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