Thursday, August 24, 2006

She's 18 months old!!!

Photo freshly taken this morning which marks her 18 mths old toddler...

Alisha Ameera turns 18 mths today.. Or exactly at 1.37am this morning!! She was born on a Thursday back 18 mths ago at East Shore.. How fast time flies and another 6 more mths, she gonna reach her 2 years mark!!

At 18 mths, she's now learning on how to speak some words but still can hear her alien language. She is more attentive now. She also can now imitate people very well. Eg. If we pretend to cry in front of her, she will follow crying with her two hands on her eyes and sound of crying came out from her. Hahaha.. We were soo amazed when she did that for the first time! She knows how to merajuk. She will ignore us if she is in merajuk state. Dint even let us to touch her.. hehehe

Today I just applied for half day as PIL going back to Malacca at 2.30pm. So I'll be bringing my 18 mths old kenit to go jalan at Tampines. Gonna take her for a MRT ride.. Sure she will enjoy it!! :)

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