Monday, October 31, 2005

2 more days!!

Phew!! Just 2 days away before we celebrate our joyous occasion on Thursday!! Last Saturday, when I came back from werk, Kak Nana (SIL) & Farhan were already at my house. Curtains oredy soaking in the washing machine and bathroom... Both me & hubbie joined them to clean the house. Once Abg Daud (SIL's hubby) came, he wiped the window grills and put up the curtains at all the 3 rooms. The living room curtain pending to be put up till tomoro.. Exclusive lah katakan.. akakakak.. Carpets have been laid, new flowers have been arranged, table cloth and cushion covers have been put up too... Tomoro I just need to touch up a few more things and do my cookies baking... Tot of baking 3 type of cookies.. Insya Allah... All the cookies ingredients have been bought last Saturday... Semangat berkobar-kobar ni!! hehe

Tonite both me & hubbie together with Lil Alisha will be breaking fast at my parent's place for the first time.. Finally we get to eat together with my family.... Insya Allah next year we will get to break fast together often.. This year is excusable with so many things happened around us..

Kay gotta go now.. Will update again tomoro if time permit! :)

Enjoy yur last min preparation of hari raya!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hyperactive Lil Kenit..

Gosh!! Now tis Lil Kenit of mine is really active.. Inside her walker, she can go into the rooms & kitchen.. And her tangan is sooo tak tahu diam.. SHe grab watever she can get.. Just this evening, she tear off today's newpaper... Abis hancur newpaper tuh.. And guess what, she even grab the dried clothes and took MIL's "goggle" and play with it.. Ini anak betul tak tahu diam ah!! ekekekeke


Anyway here are some of her 8 mths old peektures which I took using my camera phone..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here comes my Raya Mood!

Yesh! Finally FIL was discharged yesterday... And yesterday too heard from my mum tat grandpa is conscious and is able to talk and walk slowly.. Hubbie also recuperating well.. Syukur Alhamdulillah that everything went well before this coming hari raya..

Now then I got mood to celebrate hari raya eventho it will not be "raya sakan" thing.. I am just happy that this year I get to celebrate hari raya with hubbie and most importantly with our precious Lil Kenit...Last year she's inside my tummy but tis year she is with us.. Bleh pi koleksion ye!! :p

Haii...rumah..blom terkemas2 lah rumah ku... Nampaknya weekend nak kene bertungkus lumus kemas.. Kalau ada masa nak buat kuih.. Semangat berkobar-kobar ni nak buat kuih.. Kesian Kitchen Aid ku yg tersadai dalam stor... Takpe, Deepavali nya hari ada, bleh gak spent time buat kuih 2 atau 3 mcm.. Cheh! Cam real jer! Nanti sampai masa habukpon tarak!! kekeke

Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy 8 mths old Lil Kenit!

My Lil Kenit turns 8 months old today.. :)

Her kebijaksanaan:

- Dah merangkak sket2
- Dah nampak nak keluar satu gigi bahagian bawah
- Dah bleh duduk
- Dah pandai membebel
- Suka dengar lagu
- Nyanyi dalam bahasa "alien"
- Dah pandai lambai bila orang cakap bye-bye
- Dah pandai cium Abah & Mama dia
- Dah pandai tarik cermin mata Abah & Mama dia

See how fast babies grow ya.. And how fast we turn old too.. *grin*

Oh ya. a brighter note tat I wanna share with you guys... FIL will be discharged tomoro if everything goes well... Yesh!! Finally the day we all been waiting for... Will wait for the good news tomoro morning...

Okay gonna turn in now... So sleepy liao!! And the besday gurl oredy went into her dreamland... Till then, have a great week ahead guys...

p/s: For Alisha 8 mths old pic, wait hor.. Need to take her pictures over the weekend.. Weekdays no time lah.. hehe.. So stay tune... ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's Saturday!!

Today is my werk week.. Start werk at 8am today and I have to set off at 6.30am as hubbie is not able to sent me due to his recuperating knee surgery.. So have to change bus at Geylang and took 30 straight to werk place.. Goshh! It was really a long journey... Tersenggok2 ku dibuatnya dalam bus.. hehe.. But luckily I listen to RIA since 6.30am all the way till I reached werk as DJ Azlin was playing hari raya song non stop.. Semangat sket nak pi keje.. hehe... And that result to my decision to change the song in my blog...

My parents and sis came over at my MIL's place to visit hubbie... Then me, dad and my sis went Shing Shiong Bedok Reservoir to buy some groceries.. Dad bought 2 boxes of Farley biscuit and milk formula for his one and only cucu kenit.. At around 4pm, my parents and sis went back.. We rested for awhile then at 6pm, we went over to hospital.. Hubbie tried to drive and Alhamdulillah he managed his way to CGH... And good news is that FIL's tube at his nose and 2 of his tubes at his tummy have been removed.. And he can even went to 7-11... Yesh!! We just hope tat he can be discharged soon.. He even joined us break fast outside the ward.. He is a strong man!!

Went back from hospital, me & SIL tot of going Geylang... So after we put all the things in MIL's hse, we went Geylang with Abg Daud and Aqilah... We dropped off at TKC while Abg Daud tried to find parking.. Gosh! It was packed with people... We searched for Aqilah's baju but seems tat none catched our eyes... Then next stop to Maniq where I got myself 2 pair of shoes and 2 pair of slippers and lil cute bag for Lil Alisha.. Good bargain!! Satisfied!! Went to bazaar and at last no baju for Aqilah yet.. Need to return back one of the day for the baju.. Bought Dengdeng, our old time feveret food during Ramadan... I oso bought tis Prata Tumbuk.. Not bad! And not forgetting Kebab for sahur... Reached MIL's place at 12 midnite... Hubbie and Alisha waiting for me to go back home..

Kay here presenting on my new look.. Had promised early before tat I will update on my new hair.. I did a perm for my hair last Sunday... :) The pic is not that clear as I was using my camera phone..

Friday, October 21, 2005

One after another..

Thanks you to all who give your well wishes to my hubbie.. He is recuperating well but still have to use crutches to walk... Hopefully he will be able to walk steadily soon... It's just so good to see him back at home...

Anyway received news from my mum yesterday that my grandad is critically ill.. He is unconcious.. Suddenly I feel so sad... I hope we are not going to lose him.. This year we had lost my grandma and my great-grandma and we do not want to lose anyone anymore... It's just so sad seeing our loved ones leaving us... Mum & dad went to see him yesterday and dad told me that grandad looks so "different"..

This year is really a tough year for both families... Now we just hope that grandad will be concious and recover and FIL will be able to be discharged by next week.. Alhamdulillah he is able to eat porridge now without vomitting.. Hopeully he can get to eat solid food soon...

Till then, have a great weekend...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hubbie warded..

Just came back from SGH.. Hubbie has to be warded for a day and will only be discharged tomoro.. I feel so sad seeing hubbie in weak condition.. The anesthetic still going on strong and that results to the drowsiness that hubbie is feeling rite now... I just hope tomoro will be better for him..

When I reached SGH in the afternoon, hubbie was not in the ward.. He must be in the observation ward after the surgery...Nearly 6pm then he was wheeled back to the ward.. By the time, BIL, MIL, Lil Alisha and our nieces were about to go CGH to visit FIL... I stayed over with hubbie to accompany him.. I went Delifrance to buy Seafood Sandwich for break fast... As I was breaking my fast, hubbie is sleeping.. Pity him... Dad & bro wanted to pick us up knowing that hubbie will be going home tonite but I told dad not to come as hubbie need to be admitted for a night...

Finally at 8.45pm, I made my move from the hospital.. Took a cab back to MIL's place...I feel so different w/o hubbie around.. My heart was so heavy when I bid goodbye to hubbie... Never have I been apart from hubbie except during my stay in hospital upon delivery of Alisha on February this year..Other than that, everywhere we go, we always be together... I know that I can't live w/o hubbie around me..

Okay lah I need to take a rest now.. Feeling so tired.. I will be on leave tomoro as I need to fetch hubbie home... Hopefully he will recover fast... Insya Allah....


Right now hubbie is undergoing his knee surgery.. Hope after this surgery he won't feel any pain again.. Luckily BIL sent hubbie to the hospital else he has to go alone as I cud not take any leave today. But I will be taking time off at 3pm and will be fetching hubbie back together with BIL later.. Luckily it's only a day surgery..

Hopefully hubbie will get well soon before the Hari Raya comes.. Insya Allah...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

My "Tenit"

Here presenting my Lil Kenit's latest pictures... More peektures pls visit here!

Alisha Ameera with her bandana..

Kay I need to go to "do" something to my hair... Will update more later! ;) Selamat Berbuka semua!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thank God Tomoro is Friday!

Yesh!! Another day to weekend!! I'm so waiting for weekend to come! Just sooo bored to go werk... If only I can be a housemaker again!! But again, I have to werk as to find xtra $$.. Nowadays things in Spore not tat cheap.. What's more we who have a family, extra $$ will be needed for household expenses, our kiddos neccesities and many more... tsk tsk tsk.. see everywhere you go oso need money...

Anyway tomoro hubbie has an appointment at SGH on his knee problem.. He was complaining tat his knee hurts and he was given 3 days MC since Wed... His knee might need to be operated again... Like 2 years back, during Ramadan too, the operation took place... Hopefully the operation will take place once everything has settled down.. Most importantly now we hope FIL will be discharge soon and can rest at home...

Has anyone of you went to Geylang?? How was the bazaar there? Better or still the same old thing?? I have yet to make my move there.. For me it's a must to go Geylang every Ramadan.. Just dunno why but perhaps it's he atmosphere tat makes me wanting to go there every year.. Hopefully I will get to go soon as I need to get some stuff too...

Oh ya forgot to update what we have for break fast just now at hospital:

- Spaghetti (Kak Long)
- Jemput2 bawang (Kak Long)
- Getuk Ubi Goreng (Kak Long)
- Mee Hoon Goreng (Kak Nana)
- Bubur Som Som (Kak Nana)
- Asam Pedas Ikan Pari (Kak Nana)
- Sardin Roll

Walaupon kat hospital, tapi menu semua hebat2 belaka.. ekkekeke

Okay lah I need to go as hubbie needs to use his laptop... Since we are at my MIL's place, we have to share using the laptop else if at home, I can use my PC as and when I want... hehe..To you guys, enjoy yur Friday and have a great weekend...

Monday, October 10, 2005


Am on MC for today and also tomoro.. Diagnosed by doc = Gastric Flu.. A bit of fever.. The weather outside is just soo unpredictable.. It can be very sunny one moment and start to rain another moment..

Let me recap back what have I did for past few days...


Was working on tat day... We didn't go hospital noon time but instead both me & hubbie went home for awhile to do some cleaning.. I managed to whip up Murtabak Maggi for break fast at hospital... Hubbie been asking for Murtabak Maggi so tak sampai hati, I whipped up 3 packets of Maggi...

The result :-

For recipe, pls click here!

We went to hospital around 5 plus.. Stop over at Bedok to pick up Mee Tomato tat mum had cooked.. We had a great feast over at the hospital for break fast..

Food we had:
1) Mee Tomato (Mum's)
2) Nasi Lemak & Sambal Tumis Udang (Kak Long's)
3) Kacang Pool (Kak Nana's)
4) Nuggets (Kak Long's)
5) Bubur Kacang (Kak Long's)
6) Bee Hoon (Kak Long's)
7) Murtabak Maggi (Yours Truly)
8) Murtabak Daging (Abg Chik's)


Both me & hubbie went to JB in the morning..Went Giant Tampoi for some groceries shopping and topping up petrol.. Once reached MIL's hse, we went to hospital with Kak Nana, Abg Daud & Lil Alisha.. My parents and siblings came too.. Went there for a short while den we came back to MIL's place.. Rested for awhile then around 5 plus we went back to hospital.. Before tat drop by Bedok again to pick up Nasi Sayur, Ayam Masak Merah, Daging Goreng and Pacri Nenas from my mum...

Again we had another feast.. Maklum lah weekend.. makanan semua power2! hehe..

Food we had:
1) Nasi Sayur set (Mum's)
2) Rendang & lontong (MIL's)
3) Lempeng Pisang (Kak Nana's)
4) Nasi Goreng (Kak Nana's)
5) Jemput2 Geragau (Kak Long's)
6) Chicken Maggi sup (Kak Long's)

See, dah mcm hari raya! hehe..

Today, MIL didn't cook anything as we know Kak Nana will kirim Abg Long food and Kak Long for sure tapau something for us... So we had:

1) Mee Rebus (Kak Long's)
2) Jemput2 Udang (Kak Long's)
3) Mee Goreng (Kak Nana's)
4) Karipap (Kak Nana's)

Okay enuff of the food..else you guys will be drooling tomoro... ekekeke..

Back to my kenit update... She is now on Similac Excellence 2.. We have to change formula milk for her as she had a hard time making big business as her stool will be very hard when she took Promil Gold follow up of S26.. Pity her.. She will start to cry when she wants to yak yak.. Her face will be very red.. And she got phobia of yak yak.. So I decided to switch to Similac and lucky she is able to accept it and can see the stool is like normal only that she will cry as I tink bcos of the blister she had around her yak yak opening.. But luckily we went to doc and get some medication for her..

For you people, here I present my Lil Kenit 7 months old peektures... For more of the peektures, pls view it here!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

4th day of fasting!

Isn't it fast that we have reached the 4th dayof fasting?? iskk... Actually we are in no mood for raya too.. We just hope that FIL will be back home soon then we can tink of the preparation for raya.. And this year also we will be celebrating Hari Raya without my dear maternal grandma & Great-grandma.. The feeling is just so sad.. Normally 1st day raya we will get to see my grandma and 2nd day raya we will be visiting my great-grandma but tis year will be just so different without them.. :(

Neway yesterday Kak Nana & family plus Abang Long break fast together with us at FIL's ward. Kak Nana cooked Kway Teow Goreng, Roti celup telor, Roti John while Kak Long tapau for us Bubur Ayam & Lontong Goreng.. Too bad forgot to take pic lah.. hehe..

Today dunno wat's the menu for break fast.. hehe..

I'm sorry to those who I didn't get to tag back to wish you guys Selamat Berpuasa as I have not enuff time to go to each and everyone's blog to tag.. Insya Allah I will tag all of you when it comes near to hari raya kay ;)

Till then, have a great weekend breaking fast with your families & frens... :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

2nd Ramadan..

Yesterday we break fast Bee hoon goreng & jemput2 udang which MIL had cooked earlier.. Abang Long came with Johnny's bread (Roti John ah) & mee goreng.. Again we had break fast in FIL's ward.. Dah jadi 2nd home for us.. hehe..

And my Lil Kenit, sibuk kita nak buka puasa, dia pon sibuk nak duduk dgn kita.. Bila letak dia kat stroller, mengamuk.. So kene lah angkat dia... Kesian plak tgk dia mulut terkumat kamit bila tgk kita makan.. Itu Roti John jugak kita sumbat kat mulut kenit... hehe

Reached home around 8.40pm.. Took a bath, pray then sleep! Really so tired lah.. Tonite we will be sleeping over at our house as SIL will be coming back to MIL's hse.. I missed my pillow and bolster!! hehehe..

Tomoro will be a working day for me.. But lucky only from 7.30am to 11.30am..

Have a great weekend guys!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Wah lau! This morning I updated my blog but then.... when I clicked on Publish Post, there was a communication error.. And blogger was down.. Peh sakit hati! iskkk...

Neway, today is the 2nd day of Ramadhan.. Yesterday we bought food from Afghanistan kopishop for break fast before heading to hospital. We bought:
1) Laksa (myself)
2) Mee Hoon Goreng (MIL)
3) Nasi Ayam (hubbie)
4) Murtabak (all)
5) Coconut Blossom (all) - my all time feveret..

And gosh! Afghanistan was packed with ppl.. Nak jalan pon susah seh... kene sandwich oleh makcik2... Pening kepala kejap.. Dah lah penat, ngantuk, perut pon dah buat lagu heavy metal.. iskk..COBAAN! hehe

Got a surprised visit by Abang Long.. Kak Long had packed for us food for break fast.. If we know we dunt have to buy any food outside..
Food that Kak Long packed:
1) Roti Kirai with Chicken Curry
2) Nasi Goreng Power
3) Nuggets
4) Coleslaw
4) Kurma

Had a feast around FIL's hospital bed.. Nasib baik takde manusia2 lain..

Too all who gonna expect my cooking for break fast this year.. oops sorry!! Dapur tak berasap lah tis year.. Last year at least I got time to prepare break fast as I was not working.. Can even upload everyday menu in my blog but not this year.. Perhaps will whip up some dishes once FIL is back home. But that will be during weekend when we get to break fast at our home sweet home.. :)

Talking about breaking of fast... Received email on 2 restaurant which serve Halal buffet for Ramadhan...Please click on the picture for a bigger version

2HotHalal Cafe

Seri Kampung Restaurant

So apa lagik??? Serbu lah!! ;)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Yay! Sahur!

Ramadhan akan tiba esok!! Malam ni seluruh umat Islam akan bersahur... Alhamdulillah, bertemu lagi kita semua bulan Ramadhan ini... Teringat kembali tahun lalu betapa ghairahnya diri ku ini bila Ramadhan tiba.. Semangat nak puasa betul membara-bara.. Maklumlah tahun lalu kan itu "lampu merah" tak datang so niat nak puasa sebulan.. Alhamdulillah, termakbul jugak dapat melaksanakan puasa sebulan genap dgn peyut ku yg berisi dgn si budak kenit yg dah 7 bulan 1 minggu sekarang ni...

Anyway to all Muslim bloggers & friends, Happy Fasting... Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan yg mulia ini..

Sunday, October 02, 2005

So tired!!

Right now I'm blogging at my MIL's hse.. We have been sleeping over at MIL's house for few days oredy. She's alone here and we being stay the nearest to her will be accompany her till FIL is discharged.

Everyday without fail we will be at the hospital visiting FIL. Pity him staying alone at the hospital. Hopefully he can be discharged within this coming week.. Pity MIL too as she has to travel to and fro to the hospital with her aching leg..

We are equally tired too... Lucky for hubby as he is on reservist and get to "cabut" here and there...

I tink I better stop here lah.. Can't tink of anything to write.. Mind blockage oredy! Tomoro is my 7.30am shift.. Lucky for us Muslim as we are able to work earlier shift during Ramadhan so as to be able to break fast with our family...

Hope you guys will have a great week ahead and what's more with the upcoming fasting month, we sure will have the strength to carry out our duty as a Muslim to fast for a month...

2 more days to go!!