Friday, October 07, 2005

2nd Ramadan..

Yesterday we break fast Bee hoon goreng & jemput2 udang which MIL had cooked earlier.. Abang Long came with Johnny's bread (Roti John ah) & mee goreng.. Again we had break fast in FIL's ward.. Dah jadi 2nd home for us.. hehe..

And my Lil Kenit, sibuk kita nak buka puasa, dia pon sibuk nak duduk dgn kita.. Bila letak dia kat stroller, mengamuk.. So kene lah angkat dia... Kesian plak tgk dia mulut terkumat kamit bila tgk kita makan.. Itu Roti John jugak kita sumbat kat mulut kenit... hehe

Reached home around 8.40pm.. Took a bath, pray then sleep! Really so tired lah.. Tonite we will be sleeping over at our house as SIL will be coming back to MIL's hse.. I missed my pillow and bolster!! hehehe..

Tomoro will be a working day for me.. But lucky only from 7.30am to 11.30am..

Have a great weekend guys!

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