Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's Saturday!!

Today is my werk week.. Start werk at 8am today and I have to set off at 6.30am as hubbie is not able to sent me due to his recuperating knee surgery.. So have to change bus at Geylang and took 30 straight to werk place.. Goshh! It was really a long journey... Tersenggok2 ku dibuatnya dalam bus.. hehe.. But luckily I listen to RIA since 6.30am all the way till I reached werk as DJ Azlin was playing hari raya song non stop.. Semangat sket nak pi keje.. hehe... And that result to my decision to change the song in my blog...

My parents and sis came over at my MIL's place to visit hubbie... Then me, dad and my sis went Shing Shiong Bedok Reservoir to buy some groceries.. Dad bought 2 boxes of Farley biscuit and milk formula for his one and only cucu kenit.. At around 4pm, my parents and sis went back.. We rested for awhile then at 6pm, we went over to hospital.. Hubbie tried to drive and Alhamdulillah he managed his way to CGH... And good news is that FIL's tube at his nose and 2 of his tubes at his tummy have been removed.. And he can even went to 7-11... Yesh!! We just hope tat he can be discharged soon.. He even joined us break fast outside the ward.. He is a strong man!!

Went back from hospital, me & SIL tot of going Geylang... So after we put all the things in MIL's hse, we went Geylang with Abg Daud and Aqilah... We dropped off at TKC while Abg Daud tried to find parking.. Gosh! It was packed with people... We searched for Aqilah's baju but seems tat none catched our eyes... Then next stop to Maniq where I got myself 2 pair of shoes and 2 pair of slippers and lil cute bag for Lil Alisha.. Good bargain!! Satisfied!! Went to bazaar and at last no baju for Aqilah yet.. Need to return back one of the day for the baju.. Bought Dengdeng, our old time feveret food during Ramadan... I oso bought tis Prata Tumbuk.. Not bad! And not forgetting Kebab for sahur... Reached MIL's place at 12 midnite... Hubbie and Alisha waiting for me to go back home..

Kay here presenting on my new look.. Had promised early before tat I will update on my new hair.. I did a perm for my hair last Sunday... :) The pic is not that clear as I was using my camera phone..

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