Saturday, October 08, 2005

4th day of fasting!

Isn't it fast that we have reached the 4th dayof fasting?? iskk... Actually we are in no mood for raya too.. We just hope that FIL will be back home soon then we can tink of the preparation for raya.. And this year also we will be celebrating Hari Raya without my dear maternal grandma & Great-grandma.. The feeling is just so sad.. Normally 1st day raya we will get to see my grandma and 2nd day raya we will be visiting my great-grandma but tis year will be just so different without them.. :(

Neway yesterday Kak Nana & family plus Abang Long break fast together with us at FIL's ward. Kak Nana cooked Kway Teow Goreng, Roti celup telor, Roti John while Kak Long tapau for us Bubur Ayam & Lontong Goreng.. Too bad forgot to take pic lah.. hehe..

Today dunno wat's the menu for break fast.. hehe..

I'm sorry to those who I didn't get to tag back to wish you guys Selamat Berpuasa as I have not enuff time to go to each and everyone's blog to tag.. Insya Allah I will tag all of you when it comes near to hari raya kay ;)

Till then, have a great weekend breaking fast with your families & frens... :)

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