Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hubbie warded..

Just came back from SGH.. Hubbie has to be warded for a day and will only be discharged tomoro.. I feel so sad seeing hubbie in weak condition.. The anesthetic still going on strong and that results to the drowsiness that hubbie is feeling rite now... I just hope tomoro will be better for him..

When I reached SGH in the afternoon, hubbie was not in the ward.. He must be in the observation ward after the surgery...Nearly 6pm then he was wheeled back to the ward.. By the time, BIL, MIL, Lil Alisha and our nieces were about to go CGH to visit FIL... I stayed over with hubbie to accompany him.. I went Delifrance to buy Seafood Sandwich for break fast... As I was breaking my fast, hubbie is sleeping.. Pity him... Dad & bro wanted to pick us up knowing that hubbie will be going home tonite but I told dad not to come as hubbie need to be admitted for a night...

Finally at 8.45pm, I made my move from the hospital.. Took a cab back to MIL's place...I feel so different w/o hubbie around.. My heart was so heavy when I bid goodbye to hubbie... Never have I been apart from hubbie except during my stay in hospital upon delivery of Alisha on February this year..Other than that, everywhere we go, we always be together... I know that I can't live w/o hubbie around me..

Okay lah I need to take a rest now.. Feeling so tired.. I will be on leave tomoro as I need to fetch hubbie home... Hopefully he will recover fast... Insya Allah....

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