Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thank God Tomoro is Friday!

Yesh!! Another day to weekend!! I'm so waiting for weekend to come! Just sooo bored to go werk... If only I can be a housemaker again!! But again, I have to werk as to find xtra $$.. Nowadays things in Spore not tat cheap.. What's more we who have a family, extra $$ will be needed for household expenses, our kiddos neccesities and many more... tsk tsk tsk.. see everywhere you go oso need money...

Anyway tomoro hubbie has an appointment at SGH on his knee problem.. He was complaining tat his knee hurts and he was given 3 days MC since Wed... His knee might need to be operated again... Like 2 years back, during Ramadan too, the operation took place... Hopefully the operation will take place once everything has settled down.. Most importantly now we hope FIL will be discharge soon and can rest at home...

Has anyone of you went to Geylang?? How was the bazaar there? Better or still the same old thing?? I have yet to make my move there.. For me it's a must to go Geylang every Ramadan.. Just dunno why but perhaps it's he atmosphere tat makes me wanting to go there every year.. Hopefully I will get to go soon as I need to get some stuff too...

Oh ya forgot to update what we have for break fast just now at hospital:

- Spaghetti (Kak Long)
- Jemput2 bawang (Kak Long)
- Getuk Ubi Goreng (Kak Long)
- Mee Hoon Goreng (Kak Nana)
- Bubur Som Som (Kak Nana)
- Asam Pedas Ikan Pari (Kak Nana)
- Sardin Roll

Walaupon kat hospital, tapi menu semua hebat2 belaka.. ekkekeke

Okay lah I need to go as hubbie needs to use his laptop... Since we are at my MIL's place, we have to share using the laptop else if at home, I can use my PC as and when I want... hehe..To you guys, enjoy yur Friday and have a great weekend...

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