Monday, October 31, 2005

2 more days!!

Phew!! Just 2 days away before we celebrate our joyous occasion on Thursday!! Last Saturday, when I came back from werk, Kak Nana (SIL) & Farhan were already at my house. Curtains oredy soaking in the washing machine and bathroom... Both me & hubbie joined them to clean the house. Once Abg Daud (SIL's hubby) came, he wiped the window grills and put up the curtains at all the 3 rooms. The living room curtain pending to be put up till tomoro.. Exclusive lah katakan.. akakakak.. Carpets have been laid, new flowers have been arranged, table cloth and cushion covers have been put up too... Tomoro I just need to touch up a few more things and do my cookies baking... Tot of baking 3 type of cookies.. Insya Allah... All the cookies ingredients have been bought last Saturday... Semangat berkobar-kobar ni!! hehe

Tonite both me & hubbie together with Lil Alisha will be breaking fast at my parent's place for the first time.. Finally we get to eat together with my family.... Insya Allah next year we will get to break fast together often.. This year is excusable with so many things happened around us..

Kay gotta go now.. Will update again tomoro if time permit! :)

Enjoy yur last min preparation of hari raya!!!

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