Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy 8 mths old Lil Kenit!

My Lil Kenit turns 8 months old today.. :)

Her kebijaksanaan:

- Dah merangkak sket2
- Dah nampak nak keluar satu gigi bahagian bawah
- Dah bleh duduk
- Dah pandai membebel
- Suka dengar lagu
- Nyanyi dalam bahasa "alien"
- Dah pandai lambai bila orang cakap bye-bye
- Dah pandai cium Abah & Mama dia
- Dah pandai tarik cermin mata Abah & Mama dia

See how fast babies grow ya.. And how fast we turn old too.. *grin*

Oh ya. a brighter note tat I wanna share with you guys... FIL will be discharged tomoro if everything goes well... Yesh!! Finally the day we all been waiting for... Will wait for the good news tomoro morning...

Okay gonna turn in now... So sleepy liao!! And the besday gurl oredy went into her dreamland... Till then, have a great week ahead guys...

p/s: For Alisha 8 mths old pic, wait hor.. Need to take her pictures over the weekend.. Weekdays no time lah.. hehe.. So stay tune... ;)

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