Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What a lemau day!

I was feeling very2 the lemau lah! First of all, I got a diarrhoea starting as early as 4am tis morning... But luckily the interval of going toilet is not tat frequent... I got the charcoal pill but was afraid to consume at tis stage so I made myself Teh O Pekat twice today...

In the afternoon my sis came... She wanted to send her jeans to the tailor shop here for alteration...And I tot I wanted to go to the doctor...But the doctor tat I wanted to see is not around so I forgo seeing the other one since the diarrhoea not tat bad... Will see if tomoro still not okay then I go and see the doctor lah...

Cooked Nasi Goreng and fried fish fillet for hubbie and sis... For myself, my mum gave me lauk org sakit (lauk tumis air) and tauco udang...

At nite my BIL & family came over... Hubbie had bought murtabak for them as I told hubbie tat I dunt tink I can whipped up anything as my peyut buat hal and my hip and below suffered a sudden pain... aisey... That's why I'm so lemau today!

Okaylah me hv to stop here...Gonna get hubbie to massage me at the pain area and go to dreamland... Dunt forget our date with the Spore Idol Final Showdown tomoro at 7.45pm... Vote more for Taufik pls!! Let him win the title!!! He deserve it!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Slacking Monday!

Before hubbie went to werk tis morning, he told me tat he gonna take half day urgent leave as he was very tired after watching his faveret EPL team, Liverpool Vs Arsenal.. Meaning I will have his company in the afternoon..yeah! After tat I continued my sleep but can't really sleep well as my lil' gurl inside keep on kicking me... Tried finding the best position by tossing and turning.... My lil' gurl becoming more & more active nowadays... :)

Luckily today I didn't have to cook as SIL had cooked Daging Masak Kicap & Sambal Kangkong.. MIL called to inform tat hubbie's niece & nephew gonna bring the dishes over later..And she told me to just cook rice... Selamat!! hehe

Try to take a nap in the afternoon while hubbie is sleeping but I just cudn't close my eyes... So I watched P Ramlee VCD : Madu Tiga & Tiga Abdul...

At 7pm as usual watched Double Happiness while having our dinner... Now waiting for 10.30pm to watch the Next American Top Model... Will go to ZzzzzZZzzz after tat..

2 more days to the Final Showdown of Spore Idol!! Taufik! Taufik! Taufik!!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

M Mood!

Too lazy to update!! I'm in my M mood... Now my body is aching so I better turn in for the day! Byee!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

S'pore Idol Fever!

This morning when kissy gave me the link to Taufik's dedicated page, I was like overly excited for the coming Grand Final Events tis Wed.. How I wish I cud get the tix and watched it LIVE at the Indoor Stadium..Been entering the contests but sad to say, I'm unlucky lah to get the tix.. tsk tsk tsk... *shake head*

I know there's a lot of Taufik's fans among the bloggers here... So if you guys have yet to visit the official page of him, let me share it wif u...

The Official Page - Happening beb!
S'pore Poly Page - Those ex-SPians or SPians, come let's us support Taufik!!!

Take the informal survey! 5 mins max!

This is by Raz

U can also download some songs tat Taufik sang during the Spectacular from this Raz website or the official site! Go & Check it out!


Friday, November 26, 2004

Finally Friday!

Yesh!! Friday is here oredy!! But so far no plan for tis weekend except Sunday tat I will be going over to my fren's hse, Hadijah, who will be making cukur rambut for her 1 mth old doter... As for tomoro, totally NO PLAN!!

Anyway today I woke up very the early.. Followed hubbie to the coffeeshop opp blk to buy bfast.. Had kway teow goreng & bagedil for bfast... Then hubbie went to werk... I tot I can sleep back after resting for awhile but my eyes simply cudn't close and my lil' baby keeps kicking me... So I just sat in front of my PC while msn-ing away wif my frens..

At abput 4.30pm I started to cook bee hoon goreng kicap as my parents will be coming over.. Fried some chicken wings too... Mum came with mee goreng pedas & fried chicken too.. Aisey! Mee lagik!!! Served dinner as dad just came back from werk... After Double Happiness, the 4 of us went over to my PIL's place, few blks away... Both my parents did the raya visit...

We only came back around 9.30pm...Dad & mum took bus home... My eyes are going to close leh!! I tink I need to sleep early today... *yawn*

Okay lah ...shall stop here...Have a great weekend prens!! Sapa2 yg masih berjalan raya tuh, selamat berkoleksion..eh salah.. beri koleksion!! hehe... Saya terpaksa lah tunggu minggu depan baru leh pi jalan raya ramai2... :)


Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wet Thursday!

This morning hubbie told me tat we shall go Bedok Home... So I quickly called my mum and told her tat we're coming over today... My sis MSN me asking me to go over Bedok earlier as she wanted to see see look look handphone.. So after Zohor prayer, I went out... Upon reaching Bedok, it was raining cats & dogs... I didnt bring my brolly! Met my sis & my cuzzin, Zaki, @ NTUC Kopishop...

Headed to LJS as I was really hungry... My bro came by LJS.. So the 4 of us had our lunch there... Had Combo No 1 with additional salad.. It was still raining when we left LJS.. Then we went to handphone shop to ask around for my sis... She wanted to get Nokia 6260...After checking a few shops, we went back as our "FINANCE MINISTER" is not around.. hehee.. Who else, my dad lah! ;) I dropped the idea of going to the library as it was still raining and I was feeling cold... I just wanna go back and rest...

Finally I get to rest when reached Bedok Home.. Oh ya! My baby now really kicking me vigorously... Now I can see the movement made by her at my tummy... I will grinned when I saw tat! hehe.. Hubbie finally get to feel the kicking last 2 days.. And every now and then when he puts his hand near my tummy, baby trying to trick him.. Once he let go of his hand, baby start kicking but when he puts back, baby stop kicking..haha..I guess she's playing with her daddy lah!!

Anyway hubbie reached Bedok at 6.30pm... After magrib prayer, I served dinner.. Mum cooked Asam Pedas Ikan Duri, Lemak Lodeh, Telor Kukus... Watched Double Happiness followed by S'pore Idol - The Phenomenon... I just can't wait for Dec 1st to see the Grand Final!! Will vote for Taufik all the way!!!

Reached home at 9.30pm... Finally I got my Manja Magazine today in my letter box! After calling them up cos of the delay, they finally sent a copy to me today!!

I better stop here now..Gonna read the Manja Magazine and waiting for kissy to scan for me the synopsis for Double Happiness from 8 days.. ;) ..Have a great Friday tomoro!!! Bye!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Boring! Boring! Boring!

This morning had bread and cheese plus soya bean for bfast.. Logon to my PC and started to clear emails & chatted with the rest in ewah2.. Today we've been a bit busy on the scheduling of the jalan raya for 4th Dec.. Had conference call with Klopez, LeNNy & kissy... Need to finalise the list of houses to be visited and the random of visiting...

I tink today is another mendak day for me... I tink it's bcos of tat last week, we went out everyday since hubbie was still on leave and we had the CAR! And suddenly tis week, I'm left alone at home and am bored to the max! Boring! Boring! Boring! uwahhhh!!!

I cooked Mee Hoon Hailan for my lunch as I was hungry and I guess my baby was hungry too tat makes her kicked me frequently...hehe.. At 5.15pm then I started to cook Thai Green Curry (used the paste bought at GValue and it turns out to be not tat nice!).. Fried some calamaris & udang goreng tepong...Since yetserday rendang tat SIL gave still available, I heated it up and we ate tat too for dinner..

Now I'm tinking on wat to do as I'm very very bored!! Dunno where else to surf.. Iskkk!! Cepat lah Friday!! At least I can go out after sitting at home for 4 days straight...

No mood oredy! Papai lah!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What a bored Tuesday!

Today weather is so cooling and the rain just wont go off till about 5.30pm.. Suddenly I just feel so bored!! Mebbe it's dark outside and make my mood went blerghhh!!

Didn't do much things today.. My fren, Hadijah called me up to invite me, hubbie & my mum to her doter cukur rambut tis Sunday... She gave birth on the 1st Ramadan... We caught up with lotsa topics... She shared her labour experience and some tips for me.. :) It seems tat tis year, there's a lot of baby gurlz...My 2 cuzzins gave birth to a baby girl and few of my frens too having baby girl..hmmm. I guess tis year round till half of next yr will be a GURLS's year cos last year was a BOY!

Today I didnt cook as there's still yesterday food left... So I just fried the same telor dadar like yesterday (on hubbie request) & fried some hashbrown, some salami, hotdogs, fish fillet & otak nuggets for hubbie's niece & nephew..They were at my hse since 1.30pm just now.. They're so bored at MIL's place so they came over and played the PS2 and PC... MIL gave rendang paru & limpa... My faveret!! But I can't consume much of tat!!

HUbbie came home at 6.30pm.. Served dinner and the 4 of us ate together... The 2 children went back after dinner... Watched Double Happiness....

Hmmm...I shall stop here lah...Yesh! tomoro is already midweek! I'm just looking forward for the weekend!! And also next weekend as we in ewah2 will be going for our Jalan Raya!! Yippie!!


Monday, November 22, 2004

Just another Monday!

Tis morning met my bro to return back the rented car here in Ubi Industrial Park.. After sending back the car, we took a cab back to my place... Now we feel so handicap w/o the car.. haha... Tu ah dah seminggu lebih berkurita, sekarang back to normal lah nampak nya.. ;)
My bro went back with his motorbike which he parked at my place since yesterday while I went over to GValue to do some groceries shopping...

Reached home, I started to prepare today's menu.. It's been such a long time since I cooked! I whipped out fried macaroni for my lunch and at the same time cooked Ayam Sambal & Telor Dadar Udang & Daging Cincang... SIL came by for awhile and brought Asam Pedas Daun Kesum & Bubur Masjid... After finished cooking, lazed around with SIL & her doter... They went back MIL's place at around 5pm... Chatted with the gurlz for awhile before hubbie came home...
Layed out dinner for hubbie...

At 8.45pm, went over to Har Yassin Rest at Geylang to meet my dad as I need his signature on the waive of education scheme repayment thru CPF for my poly days... Lucky tat tis year my dad has reached his CPF age so I dunt have to pay back the education repayment since I'm unemployed now! :) Sat down at Har Yassin for cup of tea before we went back.. Dad bought for me murtabak..

Reached home at 9.20pm... Hanged the washed clothes outside the corridor, ironed hubbie;s clothes & fold the dried clothes... Now feeling so tired liao!!

Gotta go now...Wanna continue watching the American Next Top Model... Byee all!!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

IKEA Shopping..

I purposedly set my hp alarm so tat I can wake up to catch SPS.. They interviewed Taufik & Sly.. Then at 12.30pm, we went over Bedok Home..Ate Kacang Pool for bfast cum lunch den after Zohor prayer, me, hubbie, mum, dad & sis went IKEA... As dad wanted to get a smaller rack to put the home theatre set, we set for IKEA...

Reached IKEA & the place was packed with ppl... I did some shopping too but on my dad's account..hehe.. We only left IKEA at around 4.45pm... Went over to Bukit Merah hawker ctr to eat... Reached Bedok home at 5.40pm... Rest for awhile before we made our moce back home...

After magrib prayer, we set off to 2 hses at Bedok Reservoir View for jalan raya.. Fetched PIL and met SIL & family at one of the hse... Settled everything by 10pm... My bro came over to picked up the car key as he will be sending back the rented car as hubbie gotta werk tomoro.. There goes a week plus with the rented car... :(

Okay, it's bedtime...Have a great week ahead guys!! Byeee!!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Oh! It's Saturday??

Early morning both me & hubbie went out to Kembangan Plaza for our check up.... Was the first in Q... Dr Aziz came only at 10.15am as he had 2 deliveries earlier on... Today's check up was super fast as he is rushing to East Shore again... Scanned my lil' one inside...First we confirm again tat lil' one is a girl... :) She's growing big now.. Dr expected she weighs half a kg but turns out she weighs 730g... And for me, I gained 2 kgs..uwahhh!!!! All tis bcos of the raya food lah.. Asyik menyekik jer bila tak posa nie..heheh.. She's doing good in my tummy and very2 active inside... Will see Dr again another 4 weeks time...

After collecting my vitamins & paying the consulatation fees, we zoomed to Kallang for a while as hubbie got an interview there... Then we went back home for awhile as hubbie need to change den off we went out again to Bedok... Went for our bfast cum lunch at Bedok hawker Ctr.. Ate Fish & Chip... Den off to Bedok Home... Dad's TV had arrived but the installation man yet to come.. So we waited for it...Lazed around before my dad's childhoon fren, Uncle Din & wife came.. So kecohrable man... Tot tat we can sleep for awhile but with the loudspeaker of Uncle Din's voice, we decided not to sleep...hehehe.. At around 5pm, the Installation Man came.. There goes up Dad's Plasma TV on the wall.. It looks great!!! Kencang bapak gue ni!! Sekarang tgk TV besau nya...At 6.15pm, me, hubbie, dad & sis sent my bro to his werk place, PCG (Gul Base).. Peh jauh perjalanan!!! Dia dah liat setelah seminggu tak keje...and plak tu kene keje malam... kesiann!! hehe

Then we went back Bedok Home... After solat magrib, me & my sis went to Bedok Int to catch the 2 finalist Spore Idol, Taufik & Sly... I guess we missed their performace but we squeezed thru the crowd and managed to land in front of the stage where they were signing the autograph.. Managed to snap some pics of them.. Taufik looks cute in person so do Sly... Fans were screaming and jumping around.... And there's some makcik2 yg baru balik jalan raya dgn pakai baju kurung glamer & gelang emas setepek!! Pon sibuk2 youuu!! Nak tgk Taufik punya pasal...Sanggup seh...hehe..

Went back at 8.30pm where the 2 Idols had went back stage to make their move.... Uncle Mat (dad's younger bro) & Aunty Ani had reached Bedok Home when we came back... Today mum cooked Mee Siam, Kacang Pool & Epok2 Sayur...All Uncle Mat's faveret food! hehe.. Then came my cuzzins, Nini & Nadia... Later, came Aunty Murni & Mamu Jamil with the kids... Nearly 11pm, we went over to my uncle's hse just next blk for jalan raya... Dah malam2 buta pegi umah org..hehe... Kala Bee cooked Mee Goreng & Ayam Goreng...

Me & hubbie make a move at 11.50pm as we were so tired spending the whole day outside... Reached home at 12.10 midnite...

Now I'm turning in for the day!! Byeeeeee!!!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Taufik The Idol!!

Pow! Wow!! Taufik is IN!!!! Yesh!! He's in for the Grand Final of Spore Idol live on 1st Dec!!! He deserved it!!!!! He's the best!! My heart was thumphing when Gurmit announced the result just now! Being an avid supporter of Taufik, I guess it's natural tat we want Taufik to be in the FINAL! Too bad Olinda was elimintaed instead of Sly.. But I dunt really care if it's Olinda or Sly but most importantly, Taufik made it! ;)

Since I will be at Bedok Home tomoro, I will go down to Bedok Interchange to catch the Final duo at 7.30pm... Hopefully can meet em' ...

Anyway after watching Spore Idol & Gerak Khas The Movie, both me & hubbie plus my family went to Jalan Kayu to have our supper... We had Fish Head Curry at Cafeela Rest... Powerrr!!! Finger licking good!

Now I need my sleep as tomoro morning will be my 6mths check up... Will update more on my lil' one tomoro!! Byee!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fishy Lunch...

After so long I didn't wake up at 11am but tis morning, I was awake at tat time... Hubbie had went to werk earlier... Washed up and on my PC.. Checked emails & chatted with kissym Klopez & nymph at ewah2... At 2pm, my bro picked me up and off we went to Mustafa as dad asked us to pay the remaining money for the TV.. After tat we tot of eating lunch at Norris Road, the fanous chappati but in the end, we end up at Bugis... Tot of Tong Seng Coffeeshop but then my sis wanted to eat Fish & Co so much and we went ahead... Anyway orang nak belanja, so apa lagi, go ajer lah..ehehe.. Maklumlah my sis nie dapat byk koleksion! ;) I ordered Sambal Fish, sis ordered Seafood Platter while my bro ordered Black Pepper Stingray.. I guess my lil' one is enjoying the food really much..hehe

Finished everything by 6pm and off went back my place as hubbie is reaching home from werk... After solat magrib, all of us went to fetch my dad from his werkplace... Went back Bedok Home..
Mum cooked Dhal, Udang Kunyit & Sambal Ikan.. Had dinner there...

Watched the Spore Idol..As usual Taufik is at his very best!!! He really performed well and all the judges really complimented him... I shall vote for him again!!! :)

My bro sent me & hubbie home before he went out.... Reached home at 10pm... Now I have a sudden flu...iskkk!!! Hate tis!!! Kay lah I better sleep now... Hopefully tis Mr Flu will go away tomoro!! byee!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Go Jalan-Jalan!

Today we dunt have any agenda going for jalan raya but instead we go for jalan-jalan in town.. :)
At about 11am, went over to MIL's place for bfast... Had mee hoon goreng... Abang Ngah & family gonna go back Malacca today after spending 4 days in S'pore for raya..

Then we off to Bedok to pick my dad, mum & sis... Dropped mum at Pasar Geylang as she needs to do her marketing and we off went to Orchard... First stop was at Citibank besides Heeren. Paid our CC bills den off we went OG Pchrad Point as dad needs to collect his tower fan free gift.. Before tat met kissy in front of Centrepoint.. She followed us go jalan2 as it was her lunch time at tat time.. Oh ya! Thanks for the Passion Fruit Bubble Tea Ms kiccy!! :) After collecting the gift, we jalan2 inside OG and hubbie managed to get his belt at cheap cheap price there... Then we off went to Centrepoint while kissy has to go back to her office... Bought 3 Giordano big tee shirt as I can't seems to wear any of my small tshirt now!! My tummy is really growing lah!! Sis bought a jeans there...

Then we went over to Prinsep St Rex to have our lunch... Dad & me ordered chicken rice while hubbie order Fried Rice with salted fish and sis ordered Mee Goreng Seafood & also chap chye for the side dish... After we filled our stomach, we went off to Millenia Walk.. This time to Harvey Norman... Dad collected a free home phone... At the same time we surveyed a Philips LCD TV... Dad liked one of the model there but we need to scout around for a lower price... So we decided to go to Mustafa Ctr where we know tat we can get a good price there...

Hubbie drove to Mustafa Ctr... Once we're at the Electronics Dept, our eyes going "kero" seeing the nice2 LCD & Plasma TVs.... We saw tis Samsung Plasma TV having a great offer...It comes with a free Home Theatre Set, and also we can choose another gift of either a Samsung refrigerator, Samsung Handphone, Samsung 15 inch LCD TV or Samsung Video Camera.. It is a good bargain!! The picture quality of the Plasma is also good!! All of us get soooo excited!! Dad nearly bought it on the spot but when dad called mum and asked for opinion, mum was a bit shock to hear the price of the Plasma and told dad not to buy!! Ohh no!! Here, all of us getting so excited of dad getting a new Plasma TV, on the other hand mum disagree with the buy... aiseyman!!! Hubbie explained to my bro over the phone regarding the offer... At last we decided to put on hold and go back to discuss it further with mum... So me & hubbie decided to follow dad home and try to "pyscho" mum into letting dad buying it..hehe... I know dad is getting excited in getting the Plasma...

Before we went home, we had a light meal at one of the eating shop there...we had pratas & thosai... Then off we went back Bedok... Upon reaching home, we showed mum & my bro the brochure as well as the pictures tat I had taken using my camera hp.. Now it's mum's turn getting excited..hahaha..Tu ah! Tadi tak kasi..sekarang excited!!! ;) But on condition tat the free gift, she wants the refrigerator... Of course we gave in to her lah!! And the funny part is tat, she asked us to bring her to Mustafa Ctr tat nite itself for her to see the Plasma TV and the refrigerator... Mother! Mother!! *shake head* ekekekek... Before my bro went out, he drove me & hubbie back to Ubi and use the car to drive my parents & sis to Mustafa Ctr... Both me & hubbie were too tired to follow...

Just received a call from my sis informing tat dad had finally paid for the Plasma and it will be delivered to our Bedok house tis Saturday!! So me & hubbie oso will be sibok2 at Bedok tis Saturday!!! ;) *yippie*

Okay lah enuff of today story..Now I better start to iron hubbie's werk clothes! Tomoro he will be back to werk..Ohh how mendak it will be for him!! hehehe.. Luckily tomor is Thursday and it will be weekend again soon! How fast! See ya guys!! Byee!!

My first time wearing my maternity dress code today..I look big ah!! aiseyman!! Now my tummy can see oredy.. But amazingly during my first day raya & 2nd day raya with kebaya, ppl all said tat I dunt look like pregnant but in fact I'm coming to 6 mths pregnant!!! hahaha... But anyway it was great tat I can still wear my kebaya during the hari raya!!! ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Still in raya mood!

Finally I got to wake up late today!!! Last nite I really managed to sleep soundly apart from a sudden leg cramp attack (simpul biawak) late morning... The pain was really excruciating!! First time I got it during pregnancy.... Hubbie was quite panicked!! He can jokingly said "Ingatkan u ni nak terberanak!!" iskkk... hehehe... He helped to massage and straightened my leg... Luckily it was for a short while else I tink I cudn't continue my sleep!!

Hubbie is still on leave today.. At around 11.30am, I accompanied hubbie to doctor as he's having a bad flu, sore throat and a bad coff!! It has been a while before raya but he just took medication which we have at home.. But it seems tat it's getting worse... After going to the doctor, we had our bfast cum lunch @ Madinatul.. So lazy to cook leh!! hehe... Went back home and hubbie get to sleep after eating his drwosy medicine.. While I was online chatting with LeNNy & kissy... Poor them have to start work today while the rest are still on leave....

After Asar prayer, both of us fetched my parents & sis to go jalan raya... First visit to Eunosville to my dad's cuzzin's place... Then off we went to Bukit Panjang to my SIL's hse again.. Tis time we brought my parents since they wanted to go there... Stayed there till 9pm den we off to my aunty's place at Sembawang....

Reached home only at 11.30pm...Had my hot bath and now preparing to go to dreamland... My leg still pain due to last nite cramp... Need to massage it before I go to sleep... Shall stop here... Have a great day tomoro!!!

Peektures of the day..

Monday, November 15, 2004

Berhari Raya!

Fuh!!! It's the 2nd day of raya..Very fast indeed huh!!! Ramadan went off just like tat! Wow! Anyway, Alhamdulillah! I managed to fast 30 days full in Ramadan... I really feel so great as it is my first time to complete full fasting in the month of Ramadan after soooo long! :) My lil' one inside is being a very good girl!!!

Okay here is the summary of what happened from eve of raya till the 2nd day of raya!!

Hari Raya Eve

Had my last bit of spring cleaning while hubbie took the rented car at Ubi Industrial Park here... Noon time, me & hubbie brought my dad to Shing Shiong to buy Raya bottled drinks...Went home after tat and I took a nap before going over to MIL's place to break-fast for the last day!! The break-fast menu was the super delicious hari raya food!! Ketupat, Lontong, Rendang Daging, Rendang Ayam, Sambal Goreng Pengantin & Kuah Satay... After break-fast, both of us went over to my aunty's hse at Chai Chee to send over the Choco Fudge cake tat I baked.. My sick granny gonna be at my aunty's place there for raya tis year...

First day Raya

At 1am, we decided to go Geylang... Asked my dad, mum & sis along... Fuiyooo!! What a crowd man!! Can't really walk as the crowd were soo full tat I'm gasping for air!! Hubbie had to protect me when walking else anytime I can just tripped and fall bcos of the pushing.. At last we didn't buy anything but mum managed to buy a tudung for herself and table cloth for next year raya!! Kiasu isn't she??? hahahaha... Reached home at 3.30am... I managed to catch my sleep only at 5am... Woke up at 6.30am for solat Subuh den hubbie went off for solat Aidilfitri.. While I arranged my kuihs in the kuih containers... Hubbie came home at 9am... I quickly get ready for the day.... Tis year we wear shade of purple for baju raya...

Went over to PIL's place...Had our breakfast there before we proceed to my parent's place...Guess what??? Tis year I got "collection" from my mum and my dad!!! Yippie!! Then hubbie too got it from my dad!! Hahaha...dah tuek2 nie pon dapat seh!! Fuiyooo! Best!! kekeek...From my parent's place, all of us went over to my maternal granny.. We squeezed inside the car..Dah mcm sardin dalam tin dahhh!! hehehe... Six of us inside..hehe... Then we proceed to 3 of my dad's aunties hse... My family went back home after tat while both me & hubbie went back to PIL's place to wait for the rest of his siblings to come... After magrib prayer, all of us went over to hubbie's auntie's hse and cuzzin's hse... Around 9.30pm den both of us proceed to my aunty's place where we visited my paternal granny... there we will gathered with all my dad's siblings and my cuzzins...Had a great fun with snapping of pics!!

Finally the day was called off at 12 midnite where we reached home at tat time.. Took shower den off I went to sleep!!!!

2nd day Raya

Woke up early in the morning as we had promised my dad tat we will be picking them up at 9.30am... Did our rounds of jalan raya but tis time over at my mum's side... Managed to cover 4 places before we send my parents & sis back home... Then both of us continue to join hubbie's parents & siblings for jalan raya at his side... We covered 5 houses including my parents's hse... :)

Today we had an early day off...By 10pm, we had reached home!! Feel so great tat I can see my bed waiting for me to tuck in!! hehe

Oh no! I better stop here else I will be sleeping rite in front of my PC... Byee!!!! *yawn*

Wanna see the raya pics??? Do click at our pic and u can see lotsa of other pics inside.. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Salam Lebaran!

Di sini, Frina ingin menyusun sepuluh jari memohn ampun dan maaf kepada kawan-kawan bloggers ku diatas segala kesilapan, kekasaran dalam segi pertuturan mahu pon tingkah laku disepanjang persahabatan kita melalui alam siber ini mahupon dialam realiti... Harap Maaf kan ye! Semoga persahabatan yg terjalin ini akan berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat..Insya Allah...
Semoga lebaran ini akan membawa seribu makna dan kemanisan dalam diri kamu semua..

Dalam pada kita bergembira menyambut Syawal yg menjelang ini, Frina ingin memohon pada kawan-kawan semua supaya sedekah kan Al-Fateha buat arwah ayah Ezayu yang telah kembali ke Rahmatullah malam semalam..Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat & ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman...Pada Ayu, tabahkan lah hatimu dan redha kan lah pemergian ayah tersayang kamu....
Akhir kata, sambutlah salam lebaran dari Frina & suami pada semua kaum muslimin dan muslimat!!

Friday, November 12, 2004

What a day!

In the morning, I get my sis to accompany me to the frame shop at Tanjong Katong Rd to collect our calligraphy frame... It was a fast trip there...

Back home, I started to prepare today's break-fast menu :Beef Chop as I have another appointment with her @ S'pore Post Paya Lebar to have my henna done! Nice meeting you, Red! Such a pleasure to have you did the henna for me & my sis!! Thanks a lot sis!! Both of us were very satisfied with the henna design by you!! :)

Reached home nearly 4pm... Rest for awhile before I started to prepare the full beef chop.. At the same time was quite worried abt my beautiful henna will get smudged!! hehe.. Mak Yong nie pon nak glamer youuuu!! hahaha... Hubbie came home at 5pm... Today was great cos I got hubbie & my sis to help me with the beef chop in the kitchen.. Finished everything by 6.10pm and I get to rest and watched Warna Ramadan while waiting for waktu berbuka...

Hubbie went for his last terawih while I baked my Chocolate Fudge Cake... At the same time watched the result of Spore Idol! Am very satisfied with the result today! Finally Daphne is OUT!!! Yesh!! O-U-T!!!!! I'm glad tat Taufik is surviving strong!!! I really hope he will be our S'pore Idol!!

Finished baking 3 sets of Chocolate Fudge Cake by 10.20pm.... After tat I did my spring cleaning in the kitchen.. Tomoro will do the last bit of cleaning in the kitchen again... Went over to MIL's hse for awhile... FIL & SIL's hubby are making the ketupat.. Stayed there for awhile.. Hubbie is having coff, sore throat and flu... What a time to get those!! Will get him to go to Doc tomoro..

Shall turn in myself to bed now...Body is aching and I need my beauty sleep! Papai!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Spring Cleaning!

We started spring cleaning at around 10 plus in the morning.. Things we did today :-
  • Brought down the living room curtain
  • Put up the new curtain
  • Laid out the new carpet
  • Washed curtains (3 washing)
  • Put up new sarong for small & big cushions
  • Laid out runner @ the new corner
  • vacuum

Finished everything at 5.30pm... We did take a break ah else bleh patah seh pinggang..hehe
At 6.15pm, went out to meet my parents & sis at Hjh Maimunah Rest for break-fast.. Alamak, the food ah, cannot describe one! Fuiyooo!! Many type of dishes!! Makan sampai kenyang seh!! Luckily they got a space for solat there...

After tat, me, my sis, mum & dad make our way to Bazaar while hubbie went for his terawih at Masjid Kassim... Brought dad over at the nyonya shop as dad wanted to buy his baju melayu.. After got his baju, he went to meet my uncle & mum went back home.. Me & my sis went to "tawaf" Geylang... Went over TKC and finally I bought my shoe for raya @ Maniq.. The lady boss recommended me a not so high heel shoe after she knew tat I'm pregnant..hehe.. At last I settled with a grey shoe tat will match my bajus... All thanks to the lady boss after she became my consultant for few mins..hehe...

After tat we went over to McDonald to have a drink as I need my rest after a long walk.... Hubbie picked me up at 9.40pm.... Once reached home, I took my bath as I was feeling so warm and sticky...

Gonna end here...So ngantuk oredy.... Byee!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Menjelang Syawal!

Didn't do much things in the morning at afternoon except for preparing the break-fast menu for today.. Macaroni Sup...Something soupy as hubbie's tummy ain't well today..

Chatted with the gurlz as well as sending & receiving mails... Dad called informing tat he's gonna take us out for break-fast tomoro as it's my sis 16th besday.. He suggested to go Hjh Maimunah Rest... I called up and did the booking...

While hubbie went for his terawih, I managed to clean my living room showcase and put up the "alas2" yg patut dialas...Changed & washed the guest room bedsheet...At least tomoro I can concentrate on other things...Hopefully we can finished cleaning by tomoro or Fri...Too bad hubbie's leave for Fri was not approved! Such a biased manager he had!! Reason being, there's a lot of staff going on leave tis Fri including him!! And guess what!! All the staff who took leave were Chinese!!! Am I not mad??? Hubbie gave reason tat he needs to clean up the house for raya but his manager just buat bodoh!!! Duhhh!!! And the thing is tat, his back up is NOT on leave so why can't he go on leave???? Blardy mangkuk ah!!! *fuming mad* Told hubbie tat just go to work lah..No pt arguing with tis "kacang2 hantu"...

Kay lah I better stop here...Am very tired! Have a happy holiday guys and get busy with the raya preparation!! Tata!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Counting days!!

This morning I took my time to make my last kuih of the week.. Spent time checking emails & chatting with the gurlz... Around 1 plus then I started making Cornflakes & Koko Krunch cookies.. It didn't take much of my time so I have enuff time to rest and prepare for break-fast menu.. Today will be officially closed for my home bakery..Will start baking cakes either Fri nite or Sat morning!! :)

Whipped up a simple fried kway teow & fried chicken for break-fast.. After break-fast, both hubbie & I enjoying ourselves eating the "burnt" Cornfalkes & Koko Krunch cookies.. eat & eat till we cannot stop..hehe...Then hubbie went for his terawih while I did my laundry and fold the dried clothes..

My cuzzin, Nini, came over for awhile.. Chatted with her & passed her Chocolate Rice cookiesas she wanted the cookies badly so I made extra for her...She went back around 10.20pm.. Took my hot bath and now gonna watch Who Wants To Marry My Dad (reunion episode)..Sure it's a sweet episode for both Don & Christena.. :)

Till then...Byeeeeee!!!!!!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Help! My feet are aching!!

Today I started to bake Macademia Nut & Raisin Cookies ( Yok Buat Kuih Raya Bersama Chef Ismail's recipe) at around 12.30pm... It took me quite long as the adunan was quite alot boi!! I took my own sweet time baking it... At the same time need to prepare break-fast menu... After 3 days my dapur never berasap so today have to start cooking! Menu- Hainanese Black Pepper Chicken Rice & Chop Chye... Luckily my sis came over so I get her to help me..Else I tink I cudn't cook in time as at 5pm, my cookies still in the baking process... Today hubbie cleaned all the window grills & he managed to put on the 3 rooms curtains... The living room yet to bring down the old one.. Have to wait for FIL tis Thursday as he is the only one who can bring down and put up the curtain as his hand is small and can go thru the false ceiling where the curtain railing is.. :)

Things left to be done -
  • Wipe living room showcase & kitchen cabinet
  • Change the small2 cushion
  • Change to new carpet
  • Change bedsheets
  • Wipe bedroom furnitures
  • Change flower arrangement

Dad came over for break-fast too after sis called him.. Only my mum will be break her fast with my cuzzin, Zaki, who is over at Bedok Home...

Now I finally have my rest!! Phew! So good to sit in front of the PC with the aircon full blast... My feet really aching now!! Even I cudn't stand straight when I prayed just now..aiseyman.. Too tired I tink!

Kay lah gotta go now... Byee!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sleepy Sunday!

I was awake the whole morning since sahur... Just cudn't sleep as my lil one kept kicking me... I tink I managed to fell asleep for an hr before i woke up at 9.45am... Watched SPS & woke hubbie up as we had promised SIL & hubbie to go to the carpet sale @ Jurong...

By 12pm, we are at MIL's place waiting for SIL to get ready... Then off we went to Jurong... We bought 2 carpets, a runner & door mat... It's a good bargain I can say... Cos over at Geylang, the price will be doubled!

Reached home at 3.30pm.. Quickly did my Zuhur prayer and off I went to take my nap for an hr... Woke up at 5pm where we got ready to go over MIL's place again for break-fast.. I didn't cook today.. So 3 days straight my kitchen is in off mode... ;)

We had Roti Kirai, Chicken Curry, Epok2, Air Kathirah for break-fast... Tot of going Geylang with SIL after break-fast but we dropped off the idea as we were quite tired... Watched TV while waiting for hubbie to come back from his terawih...

We went home together with SIL & family...They made their way to Bukit Panjang & we went back to our home.. Was quite tired but still have to do ironing of hubbie's reservist uniform & werk clothes... Tomor is hubbie last day of reservist and Tuesday he has to go back to his werk.. There goes his 2 weeks of "holiday"... :)

Okay, I better stop here... I'm quite sleepy and tired... Have a great week of raya preparation guys!! Byee!!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

A week to go!!

We left with a week to fast before we celebrate Hari Raya next Sunday.. Phew!! Tak rasa seh masa berlalu..isk isk isk!!

Tis morning I made honey cornflakes... So total I've made 3 types of kuih.. :) Another 2 or 3 more to go!! Will be starting to spring cleaning the house tomoro...

At about 3.45pm, we went to East Shore Hospital to visit my fren, Nazreen who had just given birth yesterday.. Another boy for her...hehe.. Too bad we cudn't get to see her baby as the nurse is feeding him...Nevermind, we'll go over her house tis raya and will get to see the baby.... :) After tat we went over to Arab St to get hubbie's songkok... Bought murtabak at Victory and off we went back..before tat we stop at Eunos hawker ctr to get epok2 for hubbie... Went MIL's place to collect Nasi Lemak tat MIL cooked.. Today my dapur tak berasap lagik..at least can rest for 2 days..hehe...

Yeah! tomoro gonna go over to Jurong for the carpet sale!! SIL & hubbie will bring us there.. Can
buy new carpets for Raya!! :)

Okay now I'm gonna continue chatting with my partner in crime in MSN...have a great Sunday guys!! Byee!!!

Friday, November 05, 2004

Weee!! It's Friday!

This week past very the fast huh??!! Today I made Chocolate Rice Cookies..It took me quite fast to make as it's just 1 adunan only...

After solat Asar, hubbie suggested tat we go over to Arab St as he needs to get a songkok for himself.. But when we were at the carpark, it was drizzling so we forgo the idea of going Arab St but instead to Joo Chiat.. Then hubbie told me tat he feels like eating Briyani Dam again.. So off we went to PKMS building..

The power Nasi Briyani @ PKMS Building

In the end we didn't go Joo Chiat as we waited quite long for the Nasi Briyani as today they cooked the Briyani extremely late... We bought a packet of Nasi Ambeng too.. It looks yummie!! After tat we went back home...

Oh ya, my granny can be discharged today... Syukur Alhamdulillah... So after hubbie finished his Terawih, we gonna go over to my aunty's place @ Chai Chee to visit my granny...

Shall stop here for today!! Getting ready to watch the result for Spore Idol! I just hope daphne will be out today and Taufik will continue his journey and hope he can clinched the S'pore Idol title!! You Go Taufik!!!

Pls Refresh!

Fren!! If you can't see my right side menu including my tagboard & the Lagu raya, pls click refresh 1 more time & it will appear...dunno why after changing tis raya template, it slows down the loading of the blog... Meanwhile sabar lah ye... Blog saya pon posa jugak..hehe.. ;)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Smell of Kuih!!

Finally I decided to start making kuih raya today! Else if I drag on, I'll be too lazy to do it... Cookies of the day: Almond Suji...Started at around 2pm... Did for 2 adunan... Gonna give a bottle to mum & another to MIL... Cobaan betul buat kuih tgh puasa2 nie..Bau haruman suji nie sungguh menggugat iman..hahaha... Even hubbie said the smell really nicee..hehe.. I did slowly at my own pace... At the same time gonna prepare for break-fast menu... Today decided to cook Beef Chop (courtesy of kissy's mum's recipe..)

I finished everything rite before maghrib... After the break-fasting, I cleared all the chores before I can sit down and relax enjoying the Spore Idol... Hubbie ate 4 of the suji before he went for terawih..Luckily there's some rejected one for hubbie to munch..He just lurve suji so much.. hehe

Today Taufik's performance really superb ah!!! I willingly spent 50 cents to vote for him!! I really hope tat he make it to the Top 2!!

*yawn* Oh No!! I'm getting sleepy oredy after a day of hard work!! hehe... Need to have my hot bathe & lay flat on my comfortable bed!! BYeeeeeeeee!!!!!

The un-baked & baked Almond Suji..

Our break-fast menu: Beef Chop & baguette..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Satu Lekor!

Wow! We are left with 10 more days of fasting.. Isn't tat fast???! I feel tat we just started fasting a few days ago and now it's like counting days to Hari Raya next Sunday.. iskk! Anyway finally today I managed to buy barang2 kuih...Went over to Shing Shiong to buy all the stuff needed.. Before tat both me & hubbie went over to Tanjong Katong Rd to make a frame for the calligraphy tat we bought yesterday.. It will be ready in few days time.. :)

Today I didn't cook for break-fast...Told hubbie tat I wanna eat Abak Briyani Dam (sold at PKMS Building)... The Briyani there is soo power!! Hubbie bought lemang & rendang @ House of Lemang (TKC)... We went over to MIL's place to break-fast....

After solat maghrib, me & hubbie went over to SGH to visit granny... I just hope tat granny will be discharged soon... Pity all those who have to overnite & take care of granny... At least if granny back at home, she will get enuff rest rather than in hospital, she cudn't sleep a wink.. Tonite, my sis, one of my cuzzin & uncle will accompany granny..

At around 10.30pm, we made our move and off we went to JB to top up petrol and get the magazine tat I've been wanting to get hold.. It's Media Hiburan Raya Edition... Every year w/o fail I will buy the magazine... :)

Now I'm back home and gonna start reading my magazines soon... Sahur will be Nasi Briyani again! yay! :D

Okay peepz, shall take my leave now.. Have a great day tomoro... Tata!!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Geylang Part II

Today had made plan with kissy to go Geylang after break-fast.. Asked her over for break-fast at my house... Today's menu: Mee Goreng Hailam & BBQ Boneless Chicken plus MIL's roti kirai with kentang & donut...

Right after Double Happiness II ended, we went to Geylang.. Me & kissy took bus there while hubbie ride his bike.. First mission: In search for hubbie's baju melayu.. Went straight in the pasar to go to a kedai nyonya which sells good baju melayu for guys...And good bargain too.. :) Luckily for us tat we got the colour tat we wanted!! Theme: Lilac... Then we went Bazaar to cclooklook... Finally get to buy few table cloth...Not forgetting our dengdeng & kebab.. Went over to Joo Chiat and saw the famous Chinese Muslim calligrapher..We were so taken aback by the way he did the calligraphy.. Soo nice... So hubbie decided to buy one of the masterpiece which he did it on the spot..We requested for Ayatul Kursi... Amazingly he finished the ayat within 5 mins..

We left Geylang at around 10.45pm...kissy took a cab home while we zoomed off back home.. Tot of going JB rite after Geylang but hubbie is tired so we have to postpone our JB trip to tomoro..

Managed to catch last few mins of Who Wants to Marry My Dad! I was so happy tat Don's children chose Christena Ferran to marry their dad! A pair of romantic couple!! :)

Oops! I tink I better stop here.. Wanna sleep oredy!! Have a great midweek tomoro!! Papai!!