Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wet Thursday!

This morning hubbie told me tat we shall go Bedok Home... So I quickly called my mum and told her tat we're coming over today... My sis MSN me asking me to go over Bedok earlier as she wanted to see see look look handphone.. So after Zohor prayer, I went out... Upon reaching Bedok, it was raining cats & dogs... I didnt bring my brolly! Met my sis & my cuzzin, Zaki, @ NTUC Kopishop...

Headed to LJS as I was really hungry... My bro came by LJS.. So the 4 of us had our lunch there... Had Combo No 1 with additional salad.. It was still raining when we left LJS.. Then we went to handphone shop to ask around for my sis... She wanted to get Nokia 6260...After checking a few shops, we went back as our "FINANCE MINISTER" is not around.. hehee.. Who else, my dad lah! ;) I dropped the idea of going to the library as it was still raining and I was feeling cold... I just wanna go back and rest...

Finally I get to rest when reached Bedok Home.. Oh ya! My baby now really kicking me vigorously... Now I can see the movement made by her at my tummy... I will grinned when I saw tat! hehe.. Hubbie finally get to feel the kicking last 2 days.. And every now and then when he puts his hand near my tummy, baby trying to trick him.. Once he let go of his hand, baby start kicking but when he puts back, baby stop kicking..haha..I guess she's playing with her daddy lah!!

Anyway hubbie reached Bedok at 6.30pm... After magrib prayer, I served dinner.. Mum cooked Asam Pedas Ikan Duri, Lemak Lodeh, Telor Kukus... Watched Double Happiness followed by S'pore Idol - The Phenomenon... I just can't wait for Dec 1st to see the Grand Final!! Will vote for Taufik all the way!!!

Reached home at 9.30pm... Finally I got my Manja Magazine today in my letter box! After calling them up cos of the delay, they finally sent a copy to me today!!

I better stop here now..Gonna read the Manja Magazine and waiting for kissy to scan for me the synopsis for Double Happiness from 8 days.. ;) ..Have a great Friday tomoro!!! Bye!!!

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