Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Satu Lekor!

Wow! We are left with 10 more days of fasting.. Isn't tat fast???! I feel tat we just started fasting a few days ago and now it's like counting days to Hari Raya next Sunday.. iskk! Anyway finally today I managed to buy barang2 kuih...Went over to Shing Shiong to buy all the stuff needed.. Before tat both me & hubbie went over to Tanjong Katong Rd to make a frame for the calligraphy tat we bought yesterday.. It will be ready in few days time.. :)

Today I didn't cook for break-fast...Told hubbie tat I wanna eat Abak Briyani Dam (sold at PKMS Building)... The Briyani there is soo power!! Hubbie bought lemang & rendang @ House of Lemang (TKC)... We went over to MIL's place to break-fast....

After solat maghrib, me & hubbie went over to SGH to visit granny... I just hope tat granny will be discharged soon... Pity all those who have to overnite & take care of granny... At least if granny back at home, she will get enuff rest rather than in hospital, she cudn't sleep a wink.. Tonite, my sis, one of my cuzzin & uncle will accompany granny..

At around 10.30pm, we made our move and off we went to JB to top up petrol and get the magazine tat I've been wanting to get hold.. It's Media Hiburan Raya Edition... Every year w/o fail I will buy the magazine... :)

Now I'm back home and gonna start reading my magazines soon... Sahur will be Nasi Briyani again! yay! :D

Okay peepz, shall take my leave now.. Have a great day tomoro... Tata!!!!

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