Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Geylang Part II

Today had made plan with kissy to go Geylang after break-fast.. Asked her over for break-fast at my house... Today's menu: Mee Goreng Hailam & BBQ Boneless Chicken plus MIL's roti kirai with kentang & donut...

Right after Double Happiness II ended, we went to Geylang.. Me & kissy took bus there while hubbie ride his bike.. First mission: In search for hubbie's baju melayu.. Went straight in the pasar to go to a kedai nyonya which sells good baju melayu for guys...And good bargain too.. :) Luckily for us tat we got the colour tat we wanted!! Theme: Lilac... Then we went Bazaar to cclooklook... Finally get to buy few table cloth...Not forgetting our dengdeng & kebab.. Went over to Joo Chiat and saw the famous Chinese Muslim calligrapher..We were so taken aback by the way he did the calligraphy.. Soo nice... So hubbie decided to buy one of the masterpiece which he did it on the spot..We requested for Ayatul Kursi... Amazingly he finished the ayat within 5 mins..

We left Geylang at around 10.45pm...kissy took a cab home while we zoomed off back home.. Tot of going JB rite after Geylang but hubbie is tired so we have to postpone our JB trip to tomoro..

Managed to catch last few mins of Who Wants to Marry My Dad! I was so happy tat Don's children chose Christena Ferran to marry their dad! A pair of romantic couple!! :)

Oops! I tink I better stop here.. Wanna sleep oredy!! Have a great midweek tomoro!! Papai!!

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