Friday, November 19, 2004

Taufik The Idol!!

Pow! Wow!! Taufik is IN!!!! Yesh!! He's in for the Grand Final of Spore Idol live on 1st Dec!!! He deserved it!!!!! He's the best!! My heart was thumphing when Gurmit announced the result just now! Being an avid supporter of Taufik, I guess it's natural tat we want Taufik to be in the FINAL! Too bad Olinda was elimintaed instead of Sly.. But I dunt really care if it's Olinda or Sly but most importantly, Taufik made it! ;)

Since I will be at Bedok Home tomoro, I will go down to Bedok Interchange to catch the Final duo at 7.30pm... Hopefully can meet em' ...

Anyway after watching Spore Idol & Gerak Khas The Movie, both me & hubbie plus my family went to Jalan Kayu to have our supper... We had Fish Head Curry at Cafeela Rest... Powerrr!!! Finger licking good!

Now I need my sleep as tomoro morning will be my 6mths check up... Will update more on my lil' one tomoro!! Byee!!!!

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