Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sleepy Sunday!

I was awake the whole morning since sahur... Just cudn't sleep as my lil one kept kicking me... I tink I managed to fell asleep for an hr before i woke up at 9.45am... Watched SPS & woke hubbie up as we had promised SIL & hubbie to go to the carpet sale @ Jurong...

By 12pm, we are at MIL's place waiting for SIL to get ready... Then off we went to Jurong... We bought 2 carpets, a runner & door mat... It's a good bargain I can say... Cos over at Geylang, the price will be doubled!

Reached home at 3.30pm.. Quickly did my Zuhur prayer and off I went to take my nap for an hr... Woke up at 5pm where we got ready to go over MIL's place again for break-fast.. I didn't cook today.. So 3 days straight my kitchen is in off mode... ;)

We had Roti Kirai, Chicken Curry, Epok2, Air Kathirah for break-fast... Tot of going Geylang with SIL after break-fast but we dropped off the idea as we were quite tired... Watched TV while waiting for hubbie to come back from his terawih...

We went home together with SIL & family...They made their way to Bukit Panjang & we went back to our home.. Was quite tired but still have to do ironing of hubbie's reservist uniform & werk clothes... Tomor is hubbie last day of reservist and Tuesday he has to go back to his werk.. There goes his 2 weeks of "holiday"... :)

Okay, I better stop here... I'm quite sleepy and tired... Have a great week of raya preparation guys!! Byee!!

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