Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Life in Secondary Skool!

Lately it has been a talk abt PYSS among some of the bloggers here... PYSS stands for Ping Yi Secondary School... Amazingly, some of the ex-Ping Yians had tis "reunion" in the blog world..
Anyway for mayang, Lea & nisrina, here are the pics as promised.. Those were my selenger days in skool..hehe.. Happy viewing.. ;P

Click on the pics for larger view... :)

Sec 1 class photo....Spot me!!

Tarian Selendang (1992 - I'm in Sec 3)

Tarian Lilin - Speech Day ( 1993 - Sec 4)

Sports Day - 1994 (sec 5)

Right: Pic taken during my Sec 2 days, Left: Sari Queen Competition during Deepavali concert.. Was forced to participate to represent my class (Sec 4).. But I came in 3rd..so not so bad lah! ;)

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