Friday, November 12, 2004

What a day!

In the morning, I get my sis to accompany me to the frame shop at Tanjong Katong Rd to collect our calligraphy frame... It was a fast trip there...

Back home, I started to prepare today's break-fast menu :Beef Chop as I have another appointment with her @ S'pore Post Paya Lebar to have my henna done! Nice meeting you, Red! Such a pleasure to have you did the henna for me & my sis!! Thanks a lot sis!! Both of us were very satisfied with the henna design by you!! :)

Reached home nearly 4pm... Rest for awhile before I started to prepare the full beef chop.. At the same time was quite worried abt my beautiful henna will get smudged!! hehe.. Mak Yong nie pon nak glamer youuuu!! hahaha... Hubbie came home at 5pm... Today was great cos I got hubbie & my sis to help me with the beef chop in the kitchen.. Finished everything by 6.10pm and I get to rest and watched Warna Ramadan while waiting for waktu berbuka...

Hubbie went for his last terawih while I baked my Chocolate Fudge Cake... At the same time watched the result of Spore Idol! Am very satisfied with the result today! Finally Daphne is OUT!!! Yesh!! O-U-T!!!!! I'm glad tat Taufik is surviving strong!!! I really hope he will be our S'pore Idol!!

Finished baking 3 sets of Chocolate Fudge Cake by 10.20pm.... After tat I did my spring cleaning in the kitchen.. Tomoro will do the last bit of cleaning in the kitchen again... Went over to MIL's hse for awhile... FIL & SIL's hubby are making the ketupat.. Stayed there for awhile.. Hubbie is having coff, sore throat and flu... What a time to get those!! Will get him to go to Doc tomoro..

Shall turn in myself to bed now...Body is aching and I need my beauty sleep! Papai!!!

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