Thursday, November 11, 2004

Spring Cleaning!

We started spring cleaning at around 10 plus in the morning.. Things we did today :-
  • Brought down the living room curtain
  • Put up the new curtain
  • Laid out the new carpet
  • Washed curtains (3 washing)
  • Put up new sarong for small & big cushions
  • Laid out runner @ the new corner
  • vacuum

Finished everything at 5.30pm... We did take a break ah else bleh patah seh pinggang..hehe
At 6.15pm, went out to meet my parents & sis at Hjh Maimunah Rest for break-fast.. Alamak, the food ah, cannot describe one! Fuiyooo!! Many type of dishes!! Makan sampai kenyang seh!! Luckily they got a space for solat there...

After tat, me, my sis, mum & dad make our way to Bazaar while hubbie went for his terawih at Masjid Kassim... Brought dad over at the nyonya shop as dad wanted to buy his baju melayu.. After got his baju, he went to meet my uncle & mum went back home.. Me & my sis went to "tawaf" Geylang... Went over TKC and finally I bought my shoe for raya @ Maniq.. The lady boss recommended me a not so high heel shoe after she knew tat I'm pregnant..hehe.. At last I settled with a grey shoe tat will match my bajus... All thanks to the lady boss after she became my consultant for few mins..hehe...

After tat we went over to McDonald to have a drink as I need my rest after a long walk.... Hubbie picked me up at 9.40pm.... Once reached home, I took my bath as I was feeling so warm and sticky...

Gonna end here...So ngantuk oredy.... Byee!!

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