Saturday, November 06, 2004

A week to go!!

We left with a week to fast before we celebrate Hari Raya next Sunday.. Phew!! Tak rasa seh masa berlalu..isk isk isk!!

Tis morning I made honey cornflakes... So total I've made 3 types of kuih.. :) Another 2 or 3 more to go!! Will be starting to spring cleaning the house tomoro...

At about 3.45pm, we went to East Shore Hospital to visit my fren, Nazreen who had just given birth yesterday.. Another boy for her...hehe.. Too bad we cudn't get to see her baby as the nurse is feeding him...Nevermind, we'll go over her house tis raya and will get to see the baby.... :) After tat we went over to Arab St to get hubbie's songkok... Bought murtabak at Victory and off we went back..before tat we stop at Eunos hawker ctr to get epok2 for hubbie... Went MIL's place to collect Nasi Lemak tat MIL cooked.. Today my dapur tak berasap least can rest for 2 days..hehe...

Yeah! tomoro gonna go over to Jurong for the carpet sale!! SIL & hubbie will bring us there.. Can
buy new carpets for Raya!! :)

Okay now I'm gonna continue chatting with my partner in crime in MSN...have a great Sunday guys!! Byee!!!

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