Monday, November 15, 2004

Berhari Raya!

Fuh!!! It's the 2nd day of raya..Very fast indeed huh!!! Ramadan went off just like tat! Wow! Anyway, Alhamdulillah! I managed to fast 30 days full in Ramadan... I really feel so great as it is my first time to complete full fasting in the month of Ramadan after soooo long! :) My lil' one inside is being a very good girl!!!

Okay here is the summary of what happened from eve of raya till the 2nd day of raya!!

Hari Raya Eve

Had my last bit of spring cleaning while hubbie took the rented car at Ubi Industrial Park here... Noon time, me & hubbie brought my dad to Shing Shiong to buy Raya bottled drinks...Went home after tat and I took a nap before going over to MIL's place to break-fast for the last day!! The break-fast menu was the super delicious hari raya food!! Ketupat, Lontong, Rendang Daging, Rendang Ayam, Sambal Goreng Pengantin & Kuah Satay... After break-fast, both of us went over to my aunty's hse at Chai Chee to send over the Choco Fudge cake tat I baked.. My sick granny gonna be at my aunty's place there for raya tis year...

First day Raya

At 1am, we decided to go Geylang... Asked my dad, mum & sis along... Fuiyooo!! What a crowd man!! Can't really walk as the crowd were soo full tat I'm gasping for air!! Hubbie had to protect me when walking else anytime I can just tripped and fall bcos of the pushing.. At last we didn't buy anything but mum managed to buy a tudung for herself and table cloth for next year raya!! Kiasu isn't she??? hahahaha... Reached home at 3.30am... I managed to catch my sleep only at 5am... Woke up at 6.30am for solat Subuh den hubbie went off for solat Aidilfitri.. While I arranged my kuihs in the kuih containers... Hubbie came home at 9am... I quickly get ready for the day.... Tis year we wear shade of purple for baju raya...

Went over to PIL's place...Had our breakfast there before we proceed to my parent's place...Guess what??? Tis year I got "collection" from my mum and my dad!!! Yippie!! Then hubbie too got it from my dad!! Hahaha...dah tuek2 nie pon dapat seh!! Fuiyooo! Best!! kekeek...From my parent's place, all of us went over to my maternal granny.. We squeezed inside the car..Dah mcm sardin dalam tin dahhh!! hehehe... Six of us inside..hehe... Then we proceed to 3 of my dad's aunties hse... My family went back home after tat while both me & hubbie went back to PIL's place to wait for the rest of his siblings to come... After magrib prayer, all of us went over to hubbie's auntie's hse and cuzzin's hse... Around 9.30pm den both of us proceed to my aunty's place where we visited my paternal granny... there we will gathered with all my dad's siblings and my cuzzins...Had a great fun with snapping of pics!!

Finally the day was called off at 12 midnite where we reached home at tat time.. Took shower den off I went to sleep!!!!

2nd day Raya

Woke up early in the morning as we had promised my dad tat we will be picking them up at 9.30am... Did our rounds of jalan raya but tis time over at my mum's side... Managed to cover 4 places before we send my parents & sis back home... Then both of us continue to join hubbie's parents & siblings for jalan raya at his side... We covered 5 houses including my parents's hse... :)

Today we had an early day off...By 10pm, we had reached home!! Feel so great tat I can see my bed waiting for me to tuck in!! hehe

Oh no! I better stop here else I will be sleeping rite in front of my PC... Byee!!!! *yawn*

Wanna see the raya pics??? Do click at our pic and u can see lotsa of other pics inside.. :)

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