Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Still in raya mood!

Finally I got to wake up late today!!! Last nite I really managed to sleep soundly apart from a sudden leg cramp attack (simpul biawak) late morning... The pain was really excruciating!! First time I got it during pregnancy.... Hubbie was quite panicked!! He can jokingly said "Ingatkan u ni nak terberanak!!" iskkk... hehehe... He helped to massage and straightened my leg... Luckily it was for a short while else I tink I cudn't continue my sleep!!

Hubbie is still on leave today.. At around 11.30am, I accompanied hubbie to doctor as he's having a bad flu, sore throat and a bad coff!! It has been a while before raya but he just took medication which we have at home.. But it seems tat it's getting worse... After going to the doctor, we had our bfast cum lunch @ Madinatul.. So lazy to cook leh!! hehe... Went back home and hubbie get to sleep after eating his drwosy medicine.. While I was online chatting with LeNNy & kissy... Poor them have to start work today while the rest are still on leave....

After Asar prayer, both of us fetched my parents & sis to go jalan raya... First visit to Eunosville to my dad's cuzzin's place... Then off we went to Bukit Panjang to my SIL's hse again.. Tis time we brought my parents since they wanted to go there... Stayed there till 9pm den we off to my aunty's place at Sembawang....

Reached home only at 11.30pm...Had my hot bath and now preparing to go to dreamland... My leg still pain due to last nite cramp... Need to massage it before I go to sleep... Shall stop here... Have a great day tomoro!!!

Peektures of the day..

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