Friday, November 26, 2004

Finally Friday!

Yesh!! Friday is here oredy!! But so far no plan for tis weekend except Sunday tat I will be going over to my fren's hse, Hadijah, who will be making cukur rambut for her 1 mth old doter... As for tomoro, totally NO PLAN!!

Anyway today I woke up very the early.. Followed hubbie to the coffeeshop opp blk to buy bfast.. Had kway teow goreng & bagedil for bfast... Then hubbie went to werk... I tot I can sleep back after resting for awhile but my eyes simply cudn't close and my lil' baby keeps kicking me... So I just sat in front of my PC while msn-ing away wif my frens..

At abput 4.30pm I started to cook bee hoon goreng kicap as my parents will be coming over.. Fried some chicken wings too... Mum came with mee goreng pedas & fried chicken too.. Aisey! Mee lagik!!! Served dinner as dad just came back from werk... After Double Happiness, the 4 of us went over to my PIL's place, few blks away... Both my parents did the raya visit...

We only came back around 9.30pm...Dad & mum took bus home... My eyes are going to close leh!! I tink I need to sleep early today... *yawn*

Okay lah ...shall stop here...Have a great weekend prens!! Sapa2 yg masih berjalan raya tuh, selamat salah.. beri koleksion!! hehe... Saya terpaksa lah tunggu minggu depan baru leh pi jalan raya ramai2... :)


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