Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Counting days!!

This morning I took my time to make my last kuih of the week.. Spent time checking emails & chatting with the gurlz... Around 1 plus then I started making Cornflakes & Koko Krunch cookies.. It didn't take much of my time so I have enuff time to rest and prepare for break-fast menu.. Today will be officially closed for my home bakery..Will start baking cakes either Fri nite or Sat morning!! :)

Whipped up a simple fried kway teow & fried chicken for break-fast.. After break-fast, both hubbie & I enjoying ourselves eating the "burnt" Cornfalkes & Koko Krunch cookies.. eat & eat till we cannot stop..hehe...Then hubbie went for his terawih while I did my laundry and fold the dried clothes..

My cuzzin, Nini, came over for awhile.. Chatted with her & passed her Chocolate Rice cookiesas she wanted the cookies badly so I made extra for her...She went back around 10.20pm.. Took my hot bath and now gonna watch Who Wants To Marry My Dad (reunion episode)..Sure it's a sweet episode for both Don & Christena.. :)

Till then...Byeeeeee!!!!!!!

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