Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Boring! Boring! Boring!

This morning had bread and cheese plus soya bean for bfast.. Logon to my PC and started to clear emails & chatted with the rest in ewah2.. Today we've been a bit busy on the scheduling of the jalan raya for 4th Dec.. Had conference call with Klopez, LeNNy & kissy... Need to finalise the list of houses to be visited and the random of visiting...

I tink today is another mendak day for me... I tink it's bcos of tat last week, we went out everyday since hubbie was still on leave and we had the CAR! And suddenly tis week, I'm left alone at home and am bored to the max! Boring! Boring! Boring! uwahhhh!!!

I cooked Mee Hoon Hailan for my lunch as I was hungry and I guess my baby was hungry too tat makes her kicked me frequently...hehe.. At 5.15pm then I started to cook Thai Green Curry (used the paste bought at GValue and it turns out to be not tat nice!).. Fried some calamaris & udang goreng tepong...Since yetserday rendang tat SIL gave still available, I heated it up and we ate tat too for dinner..

Now I'm tinking on wat to do as I'm very very bored!! Dunno where else to surf.. Iskkk!! Cepat lah Friday!! At least I can go out after sitting at home for 4 days straight...

No mood oredy! Papai lah!!!

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