Monday, November 08, 2004

Help! My feet are aching!!

Today I started to bake Macademia Nut & Raisin Cookies ( Yok Buat Kuih Raya Bersama Chef Ismail's recipe) at around 12.30pm... It took me quite long as the adunan was quite alot boi!! I took my own sweet time baking it... At the same time need to prepare break-fast menu... After 3 days my dapur never berasap so today have to start cooking! Menu- Hainanese Black Pepper Chicken Rice & Chop Chye... Luckily my sis came over so I get her to help me..Else I tink I cudn't cook in time as at 5pm, my cookies still in the baking process... Today hubbie cleaned all the window grills & he managed to put on the 3 rooms curtains... The living room yet to bring down the old one.. Have to wait for FIL tis Thursday as he is the only one who can bring down and put up the curtain as his hand is small and can go thru the false ceiling where the curtain railing is.. :)

Things left to be done -
  • Wipe living room showcase & kitchen cabinet
  • Change the small2 cushion
  • Change to new carpet
  • Change bedsheets
  • Wipe bedroom furnitures
  • Change flower arrangement

Dad came over for break-fast too after sis called him.. Only my mum will be break her fast with my cuzzin, Zaki, who is over at Bedok Home...

Now I finally have my rest!! Phew! So good to sit in front of the PC with the aircon full blast... My feet really aching now!! Even I cudn't stand straight when I prayed just now..aiseyman.. Too tired I tink!

Kay lah gotta go now... Byee!!!

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