Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What a bored Tuesday!

Today weather is so cooling and the rain just wont go off till about 5.30pm.. Suddenly I just feel so bored!! Mebbe it's dark outside and make my mood went blerghhh!!

Didn't do much things today.. My fren, Hadijah called me up to invite me, hubbie & my mum to her doter cukur rambut tis Sunday... She gave birth on the 1st Ramadan... We caught up with lotsa topics... She shared her labour experience and some tips for me.. :) It seems tat tis year, there's a lot of baby gurlz...My 2 cuzzins gave birth to a baby girl and few of my frens too having baby girl..hmmm. I guess tis year round till half of next yr will be a GURLS's year cos last year was a BOY!

Today I didnt cook as there's still yesterday food left... So I just fried the same telor dadar like yesterday (on hubbie request) & fried some hashbrown, some salami, hotdogs, fish fillet & otak nuggets for hubbie's niece & nephew..They were at my hse since 1.30pm just now.. They're so bored at MIL's place so they came over and played the PS2 and PC... MIL gave rendang paru & limpa... My faveret!! But I can't consume much of tat!!

HUbbie came home at 6.30pm.. Served dinner and the 4 of us ate together... The 2 children went back after dinner... Watched Double Happiness....

Hmmm...I shall stop here lah...Yesh! tomoro is already midweek! I'm just looking forward for the weekend!! And also next weekend as we in ewah2 will be going for our Jalan Raya!! Yippie!!


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