Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Menjelang Syawal!

Didn't do much things in the morning at afternoon except for preparing the break-fast menu for today.. Macaroni Sup...Something soupy as hubbie's tummy ain't well today..

Chatted with the gurlz as well as sending & receiving mails... Dad called informing tat he's gonna take us out for break-fast tomoro as it's my sis 16th besday.. He suggested to go Hjh Maimunah Rest... I called up and did the booking...

While hubbie went for his terawih, I managed to clean my living room showcase and put up the "alas2" yg patut dialas...Changed & washed the guest room bedsheet...At least tomoro I can concentrate on other things...Hopefully we can finished cleaning by tomoro or Fri...Too bad hubbie's leave for Fri was not approved! Such a biased manager he had!! Reason being, there's a lot of staff going on leave tis Fri including him!! And guess what!! All the staff who took leave were Chinese!!! Am I not mad??? Hubbie gave reason tat he needs to clean up the house for raya but his manager just buat bodoh!!! Duhhh!!! And the thing is tat, his back up is NOT on leave so why can't he go on leave???? Blardy mangkuk ah!!! *fuming mad* Told hubbie tat just go to work lah..No pt arguing with tis "kacang2 hantu"...

Kay lah I better stop here...Am very tired! Have a happy holiday guys and get busy with the raya preparation!! Tata!!

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