Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fishy Lunch...

After so long I didn't wake up at 11am but tis morning, I was awake at tat time... Hubbie had went to werk earlier... Washed up and on my PC.. Checked emails & chatted with kissym Klopez & nymph at ewah2... At 2pm, my bro picked me up and off we went to Mustafa as dad asked us to pay the remaining money for the TV.. After tat we tot of eating lunch at Norris Road, the fanous chappati but in the end, we end up at Bugis... Tot of Tong Seng Coffeeshop but then my sis wanted to eat Fish & Co so much and we went ahead... Anyway orang nak belanja, so apa lagi, go ajer lah..ehehe.. Maklumlah my sis nie dapat byk koleksion! ;) I ordered Sambal Fish, sis ordered Seafood Platter while my bro ordered Black Pepper Stingray.. I guess my lil' one is enjoying the food really much..hehe

Finished everything by 6pm and off went back my place as hubbie is reaching home from werk... After solat magrib, all of us went to fetch my dad from his werkplace... Went back Bedok Home..
Mum cooked Dhal, Udang Kunyit & Sambal Ikan.. Had dinner there...

Watched the Spore Idol..As usual Taufik is at his very best!!! He really performed well and all the judges really complimented him... I shall vote for him again!!! :)

My bro sent me & hubbie home before he went out.... Reached home at 10pm... Now I have a sudden flu...iskkk!!! Hate tis!!! Kay lah I better sleep now... Hopefully tis Mr Flu will go away tomoro!! byee!!!

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