Thursday, November 04, 2004

Smell of Kuih!!

Finally I decided to start making kuih raya today! Else if I drag on, I'll be too lazy to do it... Cookies of the day: Almond Suji...Started at around 2pm... Did for 2 adunan... Gonna give a bottle to mum & another to MIL... Cobaan betul buat kuih tgh puasa2 nie..Bau haruman suji nie sungguh menggugat iman..hahaha... Even hubbie said the smell really nicee..hehe.. I did slowly at my own pace... At the same time gonna prepare for break-fast menu... Today decided to cook Beef Chop (courtesy of kissy's mum's recipe..)

I finished everything rite before maghrib... After the break-fasting, I cleared all the chores before I can sit down and relax enjoying the Spore Idol... Hubbie ate 4 of the suji before he went for terawih..Luckily there's some rejected one for hubbie to munch..He just lurve suji so much.. hehe

Today Taufik's performance really superb ah!!! I willingly spent 50 cents to vote for him!! I really hope tat he make it to the Top 2!!

*yawn* Oh No!! I'm getting sleepy oredy after a day of hard work!! hehe... Need to have my hot bathe & lay flat on my comfortable bed!! BYeeeeeeeee!!!!!

The un-baked & baked Almond Suji..

Our break-fast menu: Beef Chop & baguette..

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